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3 Signs that it’s Time to Break Up

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3 Signs that it's Time to Break Up

3 Signs that it’s Time to Break Up

In relationships, people hardly let go. They always want to keep up with the relationship. They are even scared to let go. Yet, one of the hardest things in life is learning to let go especially when you are with someone who you perceive is not the right person for you.

3 Signs that it's Time to Break Up

3 Signs that it’s Time to Break Up

These are 3 signs that suggest it is time to end a relationship.

Little Communication

Communication is the bedrock of any healthy relationship. When you notice that words become scarce in your relationship and phone calls, messages are hardly returned, it could just be pointers to end the relationship and move on with your life. Yet, before you move on, confront the issues with your partner.


Anger is a killer of relationship. It weakens the self-esteem of your partner and even people around you. So, if your partner consistently gets easily angry especially when you make time with your friends and family, that’s a big problem. Anger could be an inner issue of self-control. And besides, anger is an early sign of an abusive relationship. If you can’t deal with the anger of your partner, Run!

When you become an option

The most irritating thing is to be considered an option in a relationship. When you perceived that your partner is treating you as an option, it is a sign that you are in a loveless relationship. I am sure your gut knows it’s time to go! But you might second-guess yourself. If that happens, ask yourself: “Am I truly happy here?” And if the answer is “no,” Flee!

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