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Layers of Happiness (Episode 6)

by Family Center

Layers of Happiness (Episode 6)

The nightclub was empty and the blaring music that had attracted me there was silent. The floor smelled of vomit. And green substance littered the floor. I found myself on the floor amidst the vomits and green substance, amidst the empty bottles of beer.

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My cloth was soaked in a foul smell. I stood up from the floor where I guessed I had passed the night. And the clock on the wall said 7:05. At this, I was alarmed. I began to wonder how I got here. The picture of Ayo, my one-night friend, flashed back into my mind. Besides, droplets of the conversation I had with him gripped my memory and I knew that I had lost something.


It was a Monday morning. And I appeared lost. I couldn’t find my bearing. I walked out of the empty nightclub, without my bag, without any money. I didn’t know where to turn to. I met the bar attendant as I walked out of the nightclub. But she gave me a scornful look, hissed at me and said “fake pastor” before she walked away.


I ruminated on her words for a split second and realized that I was still a pastor in one of the denominations. Somehow, I remembered what took me away from home. I sank into a depressing state. Then I joined the train of people on the main road but I couldn’t turn back home.


That Monday, the sky was blue with red lining running like a chariot. I saw birds on power cables whispering to one another. I felt they were talking about me, about my story, my story of the layers of happiness that engulfed my wandering heart.


My eyes roved around the streets, moving from one corner of the street to another. I was watching to find a clue to the predicament I found myself. And my heart was racing too, suspecting that every gazing eye was discussing my peril.


I watched motorists zoomed down the roads at top speed. I walked on, fright holding me in my collar and fighting against my vision. The streets were littered with dirt, gutters were full, school-aged children were running naked on the streets.


And the butterflies around my window pane on the wedding night flashed back into my mind. I saw them now in my mind. I sensed I could nearly touch them. I could even have asked them what they were doing at my window pane that night when love found an expression between Ruth and me. I thought those butterflies had a meaning, a mysterious kind of meaning mixed with the beauty of making love, mixed with the longing of a happiness that was now a mirage.


I was in the middle of these thoughts when I heard the horn of a coming lorry. But it was too late. Afterwards, I heard the bone breaking and I cried out.  Immediately, people gathered around me, but soon, their gathering became a sea of liquid substance in my watery eyes.


…to be continued.

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