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Teenager gang raped by her father and five others

by O. S David

Teenager gang raped by her father and five others

A 14-year-old girl primary school drop out in Ondo State, has cried out for help after consistent rape by her father and five other men.

The teenager who gave birth to a baby boy in January 2017, as a result of the series of sexual assault, is calling for help after the father of her three-month-old, a commercial motorcyclist, identified as Sikiru rejected the child, insisting he was not the only one that had carnal knowledge of her.

The girl said she dropped out of one of the Local Authority primary schools when she was in Primary 4.

 She recalled that Sikiru, a father of two and her father’s co-tenant, also invited some of his friends to defile her in her father’s house.

However, Sikiru who is married to two women, admitted that he slept with the victim many times in her father’s house and had also invited his friends namely Omo Ibo, Jibola, Akue and Dada to join in the act.

The teenage girl recounted that whenever she accosted Sikiru about the baby, he would threaten to chop off her head if she ever told anyone that he is the father of her baby boy.

 The girl further explained that her father too had sex with her but that he was not the one who got her pregnant.

She revealed that her father divorced her mother when she was a baby, and also had sex with her after her delivery.

The teenage victim was rescued by her former teacher in the LA School, identified as Mrs. Olatunji.

Mrs Olatunji urged governments at all levels and all humanitarian groups to help her prosecute Sikiru and his friends for taking undue advantage of the girl.

 Olatunji disclosed that the victim had been maltreated and uncared for since she was her pupil.

She said, “She would come to class in tattered uniforms, no textbooks, no writing materials and often times would come to school without food.”

The teacher, who said she had been the one taking care of the 14-year-old mother and her baby, narrated that the teenager disappeared from school and was later found in a street in Akure with her malnourished baby, looking pale and distraught.

She added, “I was sad when she told me that she left school because she was pregnant and had been delivered of the baby boy.

“She said one Sikiru, a co-tenant in one of the single room apartment which she was staying with her father, step-mother and a sibling, who is now deceased, is the father of the baby but refuse to take responsibility.

“There was a day the step-mother stormed our school shouting that we should help her beg her step-daughter to leave her husband alone.

“The woman narrated how she woke up in the middle of the night and found her husband having sex with the victim. When we asked the father, he denied it.”

She added that immediately she saw the terrible condition of her former pupil and the baby, she went to a nearby police station to report the case before taking her custody.

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