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5 Amazing things you can do at Home to touch your Wife’s heart

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Every 5 Amazing things you can do at Home to touch your Wife’s heart


Every woman on earth wants to be loved and be assisted with one thing or the other where daily chores are concerned. Women love care and are quickly drawn to those who think their well being all the time.

And then, narrowing it down to your spouse can really be interesting.

Getting your wife to smile at you is not really a hard thing like some thought. It only takes some level of humility and your ability to be ready to serve her where she least expected.

Yes, where she least expected. The best way to communicate love to your wife is not by the continuous use of the globally over used phrase, ‘I love you’ but practically demonstrating love to the love of your life.

To better communicate love to your wife, here are 5 amazing things you can do at home to touch your wife’s heart.


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  1. Iron her cloth

Ladies generally love to be pampered. To get that surprising gaze from your wife this weekend, just get her clothes iron then neatly arranged in her wardrobe. A dutiful woman who sees this act of yours will definitely return to you with a soothing smile plus, kisses that will calm you more for the rest of the day.

2. Bath your baby

Have you seen a recent news article of ours involving a man bathing his son? Well you may say isn’t he, not his son? Well, he is but, women have been known to be the one bathing babies. So when the father of the house gives an extra hand by doing the bathing instead, your wife laughs hysterically and jumps at you for such a caring husband you are.

3. Take your child to school

Just like bathing your baby, you will hardly see fathers going to school with their children, it’s usually complaining from here to there and about the time he (father) should resume in the office and all that. Listen, it is good for fathers to be ‘women’ (woman- I mean showing love, care and giving attention) at times. Good fathers can also wake up early and take his children to school.

4. Cover up your spouse with Bed spread

Women love warmth, most especially during chilly night when they need to stay warm. A wise husband will consider covering her up with duffet which will give the warmth required. No woman will ever reject this good offering. It’s been tested and trusted and it is always appreciated.

5. What about Cooking her Meal

And you will actually make her shed those tears of joy when you make her favourite meal. It is all that simple like A,B,C.

The fact that you want to show love doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time, all you need do is strike the balance between your free time and her weary time then come in from there and treat her to a surprise she won’t forget all her days.

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