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5 Amazing Things You Should Never Eat In Pregnancy

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5 Amazing Things You Should Never Eat In Pregnancy
According to a nutritionist, it was gathered that pregnant women can not be prevented from eating anything, however, it is necessary to remind pregnant women that when eating, they should be careful not to cause problems during pregnancy due to food.

The follow-up of the doctor throughout the gestation is essential for both the mother and the baby, and according to the medical prescription the pregnant woman will know if it is ideal to eat certain foods during pregnancy.

1. Cod and dried meat
Pregnant women who suffer from or are prone to hypertension need to exclude cod and dried meat during pregnancy, as the future mother needs to prioritize her and her baby’s health.

For pregnant women who are in perfect health it is possible to try a little, but without exaggeration, only once or the other.

2. Stimulating beverages
Every stimulant drink should be avoided, especially those containing caffeine, they often cause an increase in heart rate in people.

However, in the pregnant woman, the danger is even greater, due to the development of the baby and the greater circulation of blood by the body. It is important to emphasize that the pregnant woman has a heart rate that in itself already changes during the entire gestation period.

3. Alcohol
Alcohol tends to destroy homes, friendships and would not be different in gestation. According to research, when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol in large quantities, these drinks have the ability to cause fetal malformation.

It is important for the pregnant woman to be honest with her doctor and to inform if she has ingested alcohol during pregnancy for the safety of her baby.

4. Seafood
Generally, people usually consume raw shellfish and this is a danger for pregnant women because they have a quantity of bacteria that can harm both pregnant women and their babies.

If the pregnant woman has been affected by one of these bacteria, she should inform her doctor, as she may suffer problems of intestinal derangement, where dehydration could occur. Severe cases of germs that interfere with fetal development may also occur.

5. Preservatives
Pregnant women need to watch out for artificial foods such as sausage, bologna, ham and salami because they have preservatives. And although they are delicious, they also have chemicals, one of them is the stabilizers, they are contraindicated in the gestation period, because these stabilizers can destabilize the organism of the pregnant woman generating an allergy.

Now that you know what to eat and not eat when you are pregnant, why don’t you share it to others in order for them to be informed as well.

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