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5 Annoying things Men Do

by Family Center

5 Annoying things Men Do
You may have never realized that you had been annoying your wife unknowingly. What have you been doing? Then the following 5 reasons can testify to that.

1. Provocation
Since the days of preschool, the boys like to tease the girls, pulling their hair, playing chalk, paperwork, etc. For boys, this is a natural thing, but for most girls, it is torture.

The problem is when boys become teenagers, then adults, and continue to tease their sisters, mothers, wives, children, and even pets. It is childish behavior, but it is very difficult for men to control.

2. Give scares
Many men like to frighten their wives. Some of these pranks are even passable, but others can cause a lot of discomfort for them.

3. Not identifying the right moment
Men are masters at not realizing what the wife is feeling: they do not notice, for example, when the wife is stressed or very tired, and they are criticizing or making funny things that leave the woman down yet!

4. Force Intimacy
Unlike men, women need a certain “romance” to get into the mood. Forcing intimacies and getting straight to the point may be good for men, but not for women. This is something that can cause a lot of sadness and disappointment for them.5-annoying-things-men-do

5. Look at other women
As they walk together, or at dinners, one thing that leaves the wives sad and hurt is the men watching as some pretty woman passes by. Some even stretched their necks to get a better look at the woman. That is going to be sad for her.

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There are five things that can hurt the wives a lot. Many times they may suffer quietly, but women have a limit of tolerance: and when they explode, it can get ugly.

To minimize such problems, men need to have more sensitivity and women a little more patience with their husbands, who take much longer than they do to grow emotionally.

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