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5 Attitudes In Males You Should Stop

by Family Center

5 Attitudes In Males You Should Stop
When you meet that special man in your life, you thought that it was the best thing ever, but you then realize the below 5 attitudes after marriage, then you should change or quite it.

1. Yelling
Well, for no reason in the world is shouting and screaming a reason for you to engage that with your partner. Make sure that you talk to control the anger of your partner. When he is yelling, it would be good to take your leave and return at more convenient time.

2. Your wife is invisible
Don’t tolerate a man who solves problems with the silent treatment and is looking for a wife who will let herself be ignored in all things. Make sure he does not treat you that way.

3. She should always agree with me
Why should always agree with him? There is a big difference between submissiveness and tolerance. You both will share the same marriage together, and so, in no way should you think you are lesser. Just because you got married, doesn’t mean he’ll always be right. Your opinion is just as valid as his.

4. The wife owns the home
Where is that possible? Well, in a world where all events occurs normally, then it is impossible for that to occur. When you realize that the home is for both parties, then you will know that it should be taken care off by both. Just make sure that you say all this clear from the inception of the marriage.

5. He does not parent the kids
When your kids falter, the mother is blamed for the bad actions, and so, in no way is he doing anything. That is a bad attitude that should be corrected. The kids belongs to both pf you, and should be taken care off by both of you. So when you don’t correct or train the kids together, then , no one should be blamed.

6. Infidelity
Now, we have gotten to the peak whereby all is now wrong. We may begin to manage it a bit, but when infidelity has now joined, then it can really be a big issue. Just make sure that you don’t cheat or your spouse, as that can lead to physical death. Just think about that.

7. Lie
When your aim is to lie, the you are no longer safe. Just make sure that you don’t allow him lie to you. Seek the truth and stay with it. Just be aware of what types of lies he is telling. And know that when you discover one lie, there are often more hiding behind it.

When your husband does any of the above mentioned things to you, then it will be very bad if you dont correct it or leave in time.

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