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5 Attitudes Parents Should Avoid When Having a Stubborn Child

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5 Attitudes Parents Should Avoid When Having a Stubborn Child
Stages of stubbornness or constant stubbornness are part of childhood. Parents want the best for their children and often do not know very well how to deal with situations where the child disobeys.

Perhaps because he did not participate in an appropriate model in his own childhood home or because he was caught off guard by the occurrence.

The truth is that the child will test the parents. It needs limits, but it will try not to have them. When those in charge are firm they show love to their children, after all it is impossible for a person to always have everything he wants in life and the sooner the child understands and can cope well with frustrations, the better for him.

When a child exposes their stubbornness and disobedience, parents should avoid doing these things as much as possible:

1. Require obedience
The child speaks what he wants or does not want. The person in charge denies it. She then begins to argue, and usually her arguments are very good, or, when they are younger, they start screaming, crying, throwing themselves on the floor, and using other unpleasant craftsmen. It is common to hear from parents, already at the limit of calm, phrases such as: “is this (or so) and is over”, “will do (or not do) that because YES”, “who rules here” Only one thing: that the son has to obey and period. Obedience is won and much patience will be needed in the process.

Establishing a contest of who is more stubborn, the son or the father, will not solve much. Instead of sending the child into the car now because he’s ordering it, ask her to do it, and then explaining the reasons is great for her to let go of her stubbornness.

2. Give up
When the adult gives in because he can not stand the child’s cries he gives her only a message: I have lost my authority. If there was a decision, a rule or a combination, it needs to be fulfilled regardless of the means the child will use to circumvent.

It is important to remember that they will be testing their parents so they can have their whims made.

3. Fail to respect
A father lacks respect for his child when he does not allow choices. There are levels of decisions and the child must be leader and decisive in his. Jokes, friendships and responsibilities delegated to her should have their initiative and decisions respected by their parents.

Thus, the child will understand that he must abide by the decision of his parents as well, understand their limits and develop leadership beyond having their self-esteem up to date.

4. Pay close attention to stubbornness
To rebuke, insist and remember all the time the child of his tantrum or resistance to accept is bad because she will believe that she is stubborn and that she has no way to improve, besides feeling unable to change or be accepted by parents.

Your self-esteem will be greatly shaken, especially when parents comment with family members and acquaintances how stubborn your child is. Labels do not serve to improve anybody, on the contrary, they destroy people.

5. Bad Habits
If the behavior is not being enjoyable, parents can make an assessment of how they are acting or how they are the person with the greatest contact of the child who cares for them during the day. Routine and demonstrations of affection are very important because sometimes the child gets stubborn just to show parents that something is not going well.

Because they do not have much time with them, the children seek their attention in the form of scolding, unfortunately. It is important to devote time and commitment to education and relationships with children.

It is not always easy to remain calm in stressful situations where children challenge their parents. No one needs to blame themselves for not having acted correctly, after all the learning in the paternal and maternal branch occurs overcoming the difficulties.

When there is balance and a quest for daily improvement, everyone learns and becomes better.

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