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5 attitudes To Make You Less-Dependent

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5 attitudes To Make You Less-Dependent
Of course, it is very good to live with the loved one and with friends, even is very healthy. The problem happens when the person becomes dependent, that is, he needs the others.

Here are some ways to be less dependent and develop healthy relationships, whether loving or friendly:

1. Invest in Self-Awareness
If you do not know who you are, you will not know how to preserve your individuality either. You need to know what you like, your needs, dreams, and desires not to lose yourself. It is part of giving a few times, but by partnership, never by canceling oneself. The pursuit of self-knowledge facilitates relationships and elicits the satisfaction of being who you are and the desire to continually improve yourself.

2. Be assertive
Before you act to please the other, see if it appeals to you as well. Those who live to please the people they love are devoid of love. Those who do not know “no” are afraid of rejection and it is very sad to live this threat continuously. Your partner or friend should respect your decisions. Being assertive also improves your self-esteem, making you feel able to live healthy relationships.

3. Never abandon your dreams.
Love does not justify accommodation, unconditional dedication does not imply abandoning oneself. People who give up their own dreams to live the life of their partner or friend end up frustrated and resentful. You and your partner, or friend, should work in the sense of reaching each one’s own dream. Of course, it is important to support one another, as long as no one sacrifices their own aspiration.

4. Recognize your value
Drop limiting beliefs about yourself. Thoughts like “I can not,” “I can not live without,” or “This is too much for me,” must be replaced urgently. Acknowledge your efforts and act to broaden your boundaries. This will bring great inner satisfaction. It’s not about seeing qualities that you do not have, but about seeing yourself as you are, seeking to always improve yourself. Do you know the story of the kitten looking in the mirror and seeing a lion? Forget it. The kitten needs to see herself as she is, and like that.

5. Develop your skills
It is not possible to entrust life and well-being to another person, this is a terrible burden that tears off any relationship. Instead of waiting for the partner or friend to meet your needs and welcome you whenever you face difficulties, think about how you can do it yourself. Develop self-confidence, learn self-control strategies, and take responsibility for transforming your life for the better.

We are unique beings and to preserve our individuality is fundamental so that we do not run the risk of living the life of the other.

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