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5 Benefits of Working Out With Your Partner

by Akinola Olabode

It can be difficult to find the motivation and dedication to stick to a workout routine. One way to spice things up is to start exercising with your partner. Working out with your partner actually has many benefits and can improve your motivation while also strengthening your relationship.

1. Change up your boring workout routine
When you work out with another person, it is easier to try out new forms of exercise. It can reinvigorate your exercise routine, strengthen your body, and it can help you to see fitness results.

2. Strengthen your emotional bond
Exercise produces both emotional and physiological results. Some of these exercise symptoms can mimic romanticism and attraction. When you experience these feelings with your partner, it can actually increase your relationship’s emotional bond.

3. Reach fitness goals together
Creating fitness goals and routines with another person can help you to avoid those excuses. It can also help you celebrate wins, which are necessary for reaching exercise goals. While workout buddies are useful, accountability is even more likely when you share a household with your workout partner.

4. Improve relationship
Doing things and sharing hobbies with your partner improves your relationship. Exercise also releases endorphins and dopamine which results in feelings of happiness and overall satisfaction. When you share these feelings with your partner, you begin to associate happiness with one another. Couples that complete physical challenges together tend to be happier and more satisfied with one other.

5. Competitiveness can be healthy
Competition motivates people to succeed, especially when it comes to exercise. This is why so many exercise enthusiasts enjoy signing up for races and exercise competitions. Fortunately, you don’t have to sign up for the next bodybuilding competition to get a healthy dose of competition.

Incorporate a little friendly exercise competition into your daily workout routine with your partner. With the use of technology and smartphone apps like Lifesum’s step tracking integration, you can track your results and compete with one another. Wager things like who decides on dinner, who gets to choose the next movie for movie night, and the title of winner for a little extra competitiveness boost.

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