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5 Changes in Breasts During Pregnancy You Must Know

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5 Changes in Breasts During Pregnancy You Must Know-dailyfamily.ng

5 Changes in Breasts During Pregnancy You Must Know
The woman’s breasts undergo several changes during pregnancy and some begin to appear early on. These changes are normal and important because the breasts need to prepare for the arrival of the baby.

Check out the key changes the pregnant woman will experience:

1. Pain
The change in hormone levels makes the woman’s breasts more tender and tender. This is one of the first changes the woman will notice.

2. Increase in volume
By the 6th – 8th week the breasts begin to gain volume. This is because there is an increase in the amount of adipose tissue and blood flow to help the milk ducts and mammary glands grow. In the first pregnancy, it is common to increase one or two numbers in the size of the bra.

3. Outstanding veins
With increased blood flow and breast volume, some blue veins become very visible.

4. Itching
Because the sinus is gaining volume, the skin stretches and this causes itching, even in the beak. It is also common the appearance of stretch marks.

5. Larger and darker areas
There is an increase in the hormones that stimulate the melanin-producing cells, and this causes hyperpigmentation in the nipples and areolas. After childbirth, they clear up a little or a lot, but they will hardly return to the color they had before.

Swelling and tenderness can bring discomfort that can be lessened in the following ways:

Buy bigger bras. Give preference to models that have good support, with wider straps and bases.

Cotton bras with few seams are the most comfortable. They prevent the itching from increasing and have less impact on the nipples, helping to prevent cracking.

Avoid half-cup models.

If the nipples are well protruding, avoid bulging models. Or, opt for soft bumps, since hard bumps can cause pressure and hurt them.

Sleep without a bra or gymnastics under low pressure.

Gently do circular movements on the beak of the breasts and halo to relieve the itching.

Avoid using body creams during pregnancy as they may contain harmful substances to the baby.

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