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5 Commandments for Better Health

by Abbey Lily

There is no hard and fast rule to living a healthy life than following simple rules that will help your overall health. Staying healthy is the ultimate goal and this is beyond trying out something for a while and quitting. It is about determining in your heart to stick to a plan that works.


Here are 5 commandments for better health


Commandment 1: Less meat, More Vegetables

To live long, you must cut down seriously on your meat intake and switch to vegetables. Vegetables are a healthier choice than meats. Green vegetables will help your overall health and will reflect on your skin, you will keep glowing and look younger. Their components slow down the ageing process


Commandment 2: Less Sugar, More Fruits

Taking fruits have been said to be healthier than using sugar. You can eat the fruit raw or make juice out of them. You can also have smoothies by combining like 70% vegetables and 30% fruits. If you need to sweeten anything, go for ‘Dates fruit’ which is a natural sweetener and it is not expensive.


Commandment 3: Less Driving, More Walking

You will be doing yourself a world of good by considering walking some distance than always staying behind the wheels. You can also decide to use the stairs instead of the elevator.


Commandment 4: Less Worry, More Sleep

After a hard day’s job, what you need is rest and not to worry about what is working or not working. Things will eventually sort themselves out. You don’t need to stress life out of yourself because in the word stress lies the solution to your worries which is rest.


Commandment 5: Less Anger, More Laughter

Try to laugh it off whenever someone wants to get you angry you will see how relaxing it is. Laughter does the body good than anger as anger will steal your joy.

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