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5 most common skin problems among women

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5 most common skin problems among women
Many products are launched year after year to combat premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes that affect the beauty of the skin, and women are the main consumers of it all.

However, there are some common skin problems that affect the female audience and they need care and treatment, they are:

1. Contact dermatitis
There are so many products that women use directly on the skin that can generate, for those more sensitive women, a reaction known as contact dermatitis.

It causes a redness in the site and often itching and sores. It is important to note which products cause this reaction and stop using them. If you can not match any, medical tests can be done to help you.

2. Skin spots
They are feared and may appear due to gestation, wrong exposure to the sun or even as a result of age. Some treatments can help to eliminate stains, among them peeling and laser, but the ideal is to prevent them by making use of sunscreen daily even for those days when you do not leave the house.

3. Rosacea
Rosacea causes the skin, especially of the face, to become red and stained. It happens for reasons still undetermined, but stress is among the studied factors that collaborate for the appearance of rosacea . The treatment for these cases is indicated by the dermatologist.

4. Psoriasis
This disease causes blemishes, especially on the elbows, head or knees, and has an unknown cause. It is known, however, that it has genetic inheritance and its aggravation may be related to the low sun exposure.

5. Carnations and pimples
Although it is very common in adolescence, women can also live with them longer due to hormonal changes and polycystic ovary syndrome.

The treatment of acne for adult women is made with different products prescribed by the dermatologist.

Maintain proper nutrition, drink the recommended amount of water, constantly use sunscreen, moisturize the skin, avoid very hot baths contribute to keep the skin more beautiful and healthy, which is the dream of any woman.

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