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5 Common Types Of Holiday Diseases and How To Avoid Them

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5 Common Types Of Holiday Diseases and How To Avoid Them
It is normal to have a lovely holiday and then return home sick or visiting the doctor too often. What is the reason for this, and how can you prevent yourself from experiencing this type? Then the following preventive measures will help a lot.

Bacterial conjunctivitis is the most common at this time of year, it is usually transmitted through sea water or swimming pool and can be transmitted from one person to another. It causes redness, swelling, and a lot of burning in the eyes. To cure it, medical help is needed.

It is caused by the loss of liquids and minerals, very common in the summer where sweating increases. Dehydration can cause weakness and discomfort, so avoiding it is important to replenish fluids as well as take care of eating adequate food and clothing.

Food poisoning
Poor food conservation is largely responsible for poisoning. Avoiding food of doubtful origin contributes greatly to the prevention of this disease, which has as symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and malaise, besides being a door to dehydration.5-common-types-of-holiday-diseases-and-how-to-avoid-them

The same mosquito that transmits dengue is also responsible for another disease, Zika. It is related, in pregnant women, to cases of microcephaly. It is a viral disease and can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse, according to health officials . The symptoms are very similar to dengue fever and require medical help.

Dengue fever
It is transmitted through a mosquito, the Aedes Aegypti, a simple bite of this insect can cause a huge upset. High fever, pains and spots on the body, deep in the eyes can mean a picture of dengue, which unfortunately evolves to dramatic stages. In order to avoid it, mosquito breeding must be stopped, avoiding standing water in any way: in plant pots, gutters, tires or exposed containers. Another important precaution is the use of insect repellents, as well as mosquito screens in the windows.

You can help your family by following the above mentioned steps, and get yourself free from any external influences of been sick as a result of a holiday.

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Living right,is the best way to avoid diseases.


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