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5 Couples Christians can emulate in the Bible

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5 Couples Christians can emulate in the Bible

Adenike Akindude

The Bible is a book that is complete in all aspects of life including marriage. For a successful marital journey, couples need to study some people that have gone through a marriage and made it through successfully. Below are five successful couples that can be emulated in the Bible:

Abraham and Sarah
This is a wonderful couple in the bible that their story can never be forgotten. Abraham, the husband was recorded in the Bible as the Father of faith because he believed God’s promise to give him an heir. They both served God faithfully that when he asked them to leave the place they were living into a promised land, they obeyed. They are both hospitable to the extent that they entertained Angels of God. Despite their shortcoming God gave them his promise and through them, the whole world became blessed.

Zachariah and Elisabeth
Zachariah was a priest that served God faithfully until old age despite that he did not have a child. The bible recorded that they were both righteous. God rewarded them as he blessed them with a son that was used mightily to prepare the way for the Lord Jesus.

Joseph and Mary
These are the earthly parents of the Lord Jesus. They received the blessing of the birth of Jesus through them by divine visitation. Mary was a virgin that kept herself pure for the Lord and Joseph received divine instructions from God regularly before the birth of the baby and while the life of the child was threatened by an evil king. They were able to train the Lord Jesus through the right path when he was young by taking him along with them to the temple where he learned so much about his ministry.

The Shunammite woman and her husband
In the Bible, the name of this couple was not mentioned but they did something remarkable and worthy of emulation. When the woman noticed that the Man of God was passing their house regularly had nowhere to stay, she spoke to her husband and they both hosted Prophet Elijah. God used the Prophet to also meet their needs of childlessness and when the child died, God restored his life back through the Prophet.

Aquila and Priscilla
These couples who are both tentmakers were recorded in the Bible for supporting the ministry of Apostle Paul. They were with Paul on most of his missionary journey even to delicate places.

Couples can learn a lot of things from these wonderful men and women in the Bible, from the way they served God, how they were given to hospitality and how they were able to go through challenges of life together.

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