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5 Damaging Signs Of Anxiety To The Marriage

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5 Damaging Signs Of Anxiety To The Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

5 Damaging Signs Of Anxiety To The Marriage
Life by two will always be made of ups and downs, because of the challenges couples have to deal with. However, it is these challenges that, when overcome, strengthen the love between husband and wife.

Many marriages are being dissolved because of excessive anxiety by one of the spouses. Lack of control over anxiety causes the whole family to be affected.

Anxiety leads to dissatisfaction by the partner within the marriage. It is important to know that women tend to suffer much more anxiety than the partner. This is because the woman does not regularly produce, especially in the premenstrual period, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Thus, her brain will not receive these substances that are like tranquilizers and antidepressants.

Anxiety, although a feeling that prevents many from having peace because of the expectations of the future, can be improved. And for this to be possible, it is important for the person to seek help from family, friends, and a skilled professional so that she has balance and returns to being the protagonist of her own life.

Here are the 5 signs that anxiety is being the big villain in your home:

1. Fear
Fear is the main feeling fueled by anxiety. Unfortunately, when he enters the home he tends to steal dreams, such as having children with his spouse. So it is important not to give room in the marriage for an uncontrolled anxiety because it tends to bring fear.

2. Doubts
Doubts are evils caused by anxiety, for they do not allow the plans of the couples to be completed, for the anxious person to the extreme tends to doubt that it can work. This insecurity tends to negate all expectations of the couple.

3. Frustration
Anxiety affects both husband and wife in marriage, and this is normal. The problem is when it reaches a higher degree by one of the parties and this occurs mainly when the dream projects fail, generating frustration and, most of the times, the divorce.

4. Immaturity
Anxious people tend to get lost in the future, so they can not grow up with the relationship because their mind is stuck with what they do not yet have or things that have not yet happened. Thus, they spend their days devaluing the things that matter most, especially the spouse and children.

5. Suffering
How sad it is when a spouse suffers from extreme anxiety, because he has no peace, nor does he provide peace for his family.

Sadly, anxiety imprisons its victims, it causes the person to suffer anticipated, that is, it ends up suffering from something that has not happened or that may not even occur.

A person with an uncontrolled level of anxiety ends up losing the best of life because he is involved in a “sea” of regrets. This person can not recognize the good things in life, nor the people he has in life.

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