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5 Deadly Mistakes Newly Weds Make

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5 Deadly Mistakes Newly Weds Make

5 Deadly Mistakes Newly Weds Make
Generally, one perceives anxiety, haste and immaturity in youth. Because of this, there is a growing number of divorces among young couples, who need to cross “bridges” they never imagined to go through in the relationship, however, these bridges become essential for a long-term relationship and must be bridged in partnership.

Unfortunately, most young people give up on the first bridge, however, there are those who persevere together, and on this journey enjoy joy, for after many crossings they discover true love and zeal for the relationship and also enjoy happiness.

Here are the 5 mistakes that many newlyweds commit that end up destroying love in the home:

1. Lower the spouse
Marital relationships should be happy and lasting, but this is not the case, since most of them do not last more than 5 years due to the wrongful offenses by one of the spouses, leading the partner to develop different types of feelings as The one of inferiority and fear.

2. Involve family members
The immaturity of young couples is one of the reasons for divorce, because the couple should communicate with each other about their conflicts and not look for a father and a mother to say how the relationship should be lived.

Even though parents and friends have their experiences, and of course many of their advice is helpful, yet it must be remembered that husband and wife conflicts must be resolved within and not outside the home.

3. Abuse
Abuse usually begins in courtship, but many women delude themselves and believe that after marriage everything improves. On the contrary, the trend is always getting worse.

At first abuse occurs in marriage in the verbal part, through small offenses, however, the years go by, and, as such abuses were not torn out in courtship, as weeds they spread in the relationship, destroying all that was beautiful and good.

That is, they develop to the point of going from verbal to physical abuse, and when many women realize it, it is too late for them, because both their emotional and their lives are destroyed by the violence of a selfish and uncontrolled partner .

4. Not having time
The big mistake of many in the beginning or middle of a relationship is not finding time for their partner. And this becomes noticeable when time has become scarce and simply passed.

There are people who are faced with the end of a life, and others with an end of the relationship, for these only remorse remains to have chosen the loved one instead of work, friends, football or social networks, because all this Could have waited, except the time with the family, this time leaves no message, only lessons.

Every couple, no matter what their age, must find ways to find time to be together. Even when life is running, they still need to enjoy a moment where they can share their longings, their goals and their dreams.

5. Make the other the second option
Love needs to be nurtured and requires great care, it should never be placed in the background of a couple’s life. If they do, they lose interest in cultivating it, for life is full of difficulties, and when it is perceived, love ceases to exist because of lack of nourishment for both husband and wife.

Marriage requires adaptations that lead a life, however, it is important to emphasize that at the beginning of the relationship these adaptations are more painful, since many marry a certain level of immaturity. So remember that no matter how much your friends and family are valuable and no matter how much you love the video game or your cell phone, nothing is more precious than your spouse and none of these things should take its place in your life.

Remember to give priority to covenants made in marriage, that is, what is important to one needs to be important to the other.

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