by Seyi Babalola

Anxiety is a typical human reaction to stress. But too much anxiety can get in the way of living a healthy, happy life. If you feel caught up in your anxiety, try one or a few of the following exercises anytime and anywhere to find relief. The goal is to perform exercises that can quickly help you relax.


One of the best ways to beat anxiety is to go for a run. It doesn’t matter how you run or where you run, just put on your trainers and start running. The best part about running is that you can push yourself to the limit any time you want. Running increases your heartbeat, and your blood starts to circulate faster. As a result, you feel more uplifted than ever due to your brain’s endorphins and can be a perfect cure for anxiety. Quite often anxiety makes you feel depressed. Running does the exact opposite.


Deep breathing is simple but effective. People can do it anywhere, while sitting, standing up, or lying down.

To deep breathe, a person can:

  1. Relax the tummy.
  2. Place one hand just beneath the ribs.
  3. Breathe in slowly and deeply through the nose, noticing the hand rise.
  4. Breathe out through the mouth, noticing the hand fall.


Now, this may not fall under the orthodox exercise list, but meditating helps to cure anxiety just as much. When you are meditating, you are bringing focus to your breathing. You control your intake of  oxygen and the outflow of carbon dioxide. By doing so, your brain is getting the signal to calm yourself down and stop feeling so stressed out. When you are in control of your own breathing and your own emotions, you won’t feel as distressed or feel as panicky.

4.    Quieting Response

The quieting response method combines deep breathing with visualization to help reduce stress and anxiety.

A person should first relax all the muscles in their face and shoulders and imagine having holes in the soles of their feet.

Then they can:

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  1. Take a deep breath, visualizing the breath as hot air entering the body through the holes in the soles of the feet.
  2. Imagine the hot air flowing up the legs, through the tummy, and then filling the lungs.
  3. Relax each muscle as the hot air passes it.
  4. Breathe out slowly, imagining the air passing from the lungs back into the tummy, then the legs, before leaving the body through the holes in the soles of the feet.
  5. Repeat until calm.


If you really want to beat that anxiety, then consider lifting weights. Working out with weights can actually be one of the best form of therapy. You don’t need to want to get bulky, or become some sort of body builder, nor might you not want to lose any weight. But even so, the slightest form of weight lifting can help you physically, mentally and emotionally. Try and do this as early as possible, because you’ll then feel great for the rest of the day. It’s a superb medicine to help beat anxiety.

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