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5 Expressions Showing That Your Marriage is Having Problems

by Family Center

5 Expressions Showing That Your Marriage is Having Problems
1. I am always bored
Boredom? It is a bad sign when your partner always says that expression. So then, try to make sure that you break the routine and then bring in some fresh activities in order to make it a haven of peace. So, do several things to make the relaxation happy and enjoyable. You may wish to just give a little candy to show much you love her. That’s a way to think outside the box.

2. You Never Understand me
It is good to recognize that the two of are from two different areas of life and towards that end, your make-up varies. When that is realized, you then to create a common ground for yourself and then merge the two personalities to become one.

If he is voicing how he feels about a particular matter, then you should be expressing how you also feel about a matter at another time. Listen and take in more instruction in order to improve the personality traits.

3. You will never change
Well, change is the most important factor that can affect an individual. But change begins with you and i. When one party refuses to change, then the other party may find life quite hard or difficult. So, when this expression is made, you need to see why the expression is made, what can be done to change and why it is necessary to change.

If a matter cannot be changed, then talk about it and allow patience do it’s work in the family.

4. Why are you not like this
Well, that statement can be attributed to comparison or neglect. Is he comparing you to his former relationship before your marriage, or his mother or friends? Then why is he expressing that concern? Is it something that you can work on? Think about the situation are act quickly on it.

5. You are not the person i feel in love with
Yap, that is true as she has grown better and bigger than your expectations. She came in with nothing in mind, and she had it all after you got married. But what may be changing now? Is it the romantic affections, physical beauty, intellectual, or hard work? Then are reasons to be concerned about.

So why don’t you change yourself to how he/she will want you. If he says this things or she expresses this things to you, then you should be able to do them before someone else begins doing them for you.

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