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5 factors about prostate cancer that all men should know

by Family Center

5 factors about prostate cancer that all men should know
When we are approached with the news that a family member or friend has prostate cancer, this causes us much sadness, concern and even feeling of revulsion. These are natural feelings that arise because of the love and fear that we have of losing this important and dear person in our lives.

However, we must abandon such feelings, for it is no time for such things. It is necessary to cling to God and seek His strength to support our family or friend, because at this moment support is all that the person lacks.

When we do, we demonstrate how important and precious they are in our lives. Having someone to fight for is what gives meaning to a man’s life.

There are 5 factors about prostate cancer that can help you in this fight. Are they:

1. Men do not stop being men5-factors-about-prostate-cancer-that-all-men-should-know
The man will never cease to be less “macho” because he allowed his doctor to do the rectal touch to examine his prostate and determine if there is any change. The great gulf that still separates many men from this preventive examination is related to a cultural problem that becomes prejudiced, since men are influenced by the figure of what makes them male.

2. Your wife respects you and trusts you

No wife makes jokes or fears that her husband not been able to perform again because of a medical examination. Look for qualified professionals, doctors who just want to help. Do not belittle your spouse over this little incident.

3. Prostate cancer can compromise sex life
Prostate cancer can compromise your sex life, but it depends a lot on your pre-treatment conditions. If the man already had difficulties of erection it is probable that he is more affected with the extension of the disease and during the treatment. However, men who started treatment with good physical health, that is, practiced physical exercises, fed well and had no erectile problems, tends to suffer less from this and there are cases in which they are not even affected.

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An important detail that many men forget is that their concern about their sex life will be insignificant if you do not seek a doctor because the cancer will not only interrupt your sex life, but it will steal your life and you will not live to have anything else. His priority must be to live first, the rest, with the advances of medicine will be settled.5-factors-about-prostate-cancer-that-all-men-should-know

4. Prostate cancer does not only affect the elderly
Prostate cancer is more common in people of older age, however, it is important to note that prostate cancer can arise at any age. When it comes to genetics, that is, if your father had, you can also have and increase your chances by 99% if your brother, even if he is 40 years old or less, is diagnosed too.

Also, another point to note is that even if you do not have a family history of prostate cancer, unfortunately, you can have it and grow the chances in black men by 60%. Many men die of this disease, so it is necessary to abandon this ridiculous prejudice and seek prevention.

Remember that age is among the highest risk factors, but poor diet in animal fat and obesity are also among the biggest contributors to prostate cancer, so when your family and friends advise you to do a regimen, quit Sedentary lifestyle and healthy eating, it is because they care about you and not because you are a burden in their lives. Those who love, care, fight and care for you, cherish yourselves and yourself.

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5. Prostate cancer may come back
According to a health Institute team, it was observed that it is much more likely to die of a concomitant disease, such as a cardiovascular disease than prostate cancer, in that sense early detection plays an important role in this incidence.”

Some people have the chance to be healed, others end up having to deal with the return of the disease, but that does not mean that you should give up, never, never give up fighting, there will always be help and through your choice to live.

Support from your family and the competence of your physician, you will find the driving force that will point you on the right path to overcoming this disease and may also find a new treatment to destroy it at once. However, you are the only one to decide whether to do the treatment or not. Remember that you only have one life and the disease will not pause for you to think, so make up your mind, be firm and strong.

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