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5 Factors That Put the Heart Of Every Woman At Risk

by Family Center

5 Factors That Put the Heart Of Every Woman At Risk
Recent research has shown that some motives are putting women’s hearts at risk. Common things that are present in the lives of many families.

The number of women suffering from heart problems, and even heart attacks, has increased considerably in recent years and this increase has led scientists to understand some of the reasons for this.

1. Overwork
Women have increasingly conquered the labor market, but as if that were not enough, besides hours of dedication in their professions still indulge in a few more hours in their routines taking care of the house. The price of all this is increased stress. The lack of rest, free time and quiet contributes to the increase of women with heart disease.

2. Family conflicts
No one likes to get involved in conflicts, but it is usually the women who suffer most from them. Women are more sentimental and sensitive (there are exceptions) and living with constant family conflicts has, according to the survey, caused them to also physically suffer the consequences.

3. Anxiety
It is virtually impossible to find someone who does not suffer a little bit of this evil, after all, there is so much information around us that we are constantly involved in something that causes us anxiety. Problems of health, family, work, finances all this generates concern and some anxiety. It turns out that this anxiety has been pointed out as one of the risk factors that has increased the number of heart problems in women. You need to be aware of the problem and try to avoid it to ensure good heart health.

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4. Violence
This is a growing concern year after year. At all times we are surrounded by cases of violence of all kinds, and this constant fear and insecurity that violence brings, also mistreat the heart.

5. Urban mobility
This is a very delicate question. The increased stress caused to move from one corner of town to another was pointed out by research as one of the causes that has increased the number of heart problems among women. Those who have gone through crowded buses, chaotic traffic, waiting hours for public transport can understand why this is one of the points revealed in the research.

Of these reasons there is no escape, the important thing in these cases is to learn to control the emotions in order to guarantee health and well-being.

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