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5 facts that show how important it is to wear sunscreen

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5 facts that show how important it is to wear sunscreen
Often we see the sunscreen being sold along with beauty products and many people soon think it is futile or an indispensable item only for those who are always attending beaches or pools in the summer.

Beware of the concepts formed without delving deeper into the subject, as they can lead you to a huge mistake and this mistake can bring you fatal consequences to your health.

Indoors or outdoors, the use of sunscreen is essential as we are constantly exposed to the sun’s rays as well as some types of lamps that can be harmful to the skin.

Using sunscreen is like putting on your skin with a thin layer of clothing that will protect you from these harmful rays to health, ensuring the best of the sun.

For what few know is that moderate and constant exposure to the sun is as necessary for health as good nutrition.

A good example of this is Vitamin D, it can be consumed in abundance, but will only be well used in your body if your body is exposed to the sun, ie, exposure to the sun is necessary for our body and maintenance of health.

I have listed 5 problems that sun exposure can cause our skin so we can reflect on the benefits of the sun and the regular use of sunscreen:

1. Higher incidence in women, of appearing “white freckles” (hypomelanosis gutta) on the arms and legs with chronic exposure to the sun.

2. It is known that sun exposure is great inducer of skin cancer and protection with sunscreen helps in delaying this process in people predisposed to develop the disease.5-facts-show-important-wear-sunscreen

3. Precocious aging of the skin, leaving it dry and senile looking. Yes, it makes looking older than it actually has.

4. It is now known that there are other skin diseases that are closely related to sun exposure, such as polymorphous light rash, phototoxicity, Civatte’s poikiloderma, colloid cyst, Fabry’s disease, rhomboid complexion and dozens.

5. Stains on the arms, neck and areas that are constantly exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, as well as spots on the face that appear mostly in women, usually in adulthood.

Besides avoiding diseases that can bring painful consequences to our lives and in some cases may even be fatal, there is still the aesthetic side yes. After all, no one would like to get their skin tainted by exposure to the sun.

These are just a few reasons that can encourage you to use sunscreen, as well as a healthy habit. It is a gesture of caring and caring for yourself.

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