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5 fantastic medical reasons to have sex with your spouse regularly

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5 fantastic medical reasons to have sex with your spouse regularly

5 fantastic medical reasons to have sex with your spouse regularly
Physical intimacy is extremely important for the husband and wife relationship. But in addition to bringing the couple closer, sex also benefits health.

“Having sex regularly does more than just get you close to your partner – it can actually make you physically healthier,” says Hilda Hutcherson, a gynecologist for Women’s Health Magazine (WHM).

Is there a magic number of how much sex a couple should do to be happy? A US study was attended by more than 30,000 people with fixed partners and was published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. They found that having sex only once a week is enough to feel satisfied in the marriage.

“Although more frequent sex is associated with greater happiness, this relationship is no longer significant at a frequency higher than once a week,” said researcher Amy Muise, a social psychologist at the University of Toronto-Mississauga.

Let’s now consider some few benefits of sex for married couples for your health:

1. Relieves stress
A study at the University of the West Scotland found that people who had sex at least once in two weeks dealt better with stressful situations. According to gynecologist Laura Berman, this is because, during sex, endorphins and oxytocin are released, and these hormones make a person feel good. These hormones also activate places in the brain that create feelings of intimacy and relaxation, relieving anxiety and depression.

2. Improve sleep
According to a urologist, sexual intercourse favors muscle relaxation. After sex, the couple feels well-being and exhaustion because of released hormones, which help to improve sleep.
One of the hormones released is prolactin. “Prolactin levels are naturally high when we sleep, which suggests a relationship between the two,” explains a director of the Laboratory of Sexual Psychophysiology at the University of Texas.

3. Improves the immune system
Having sex makes the immune system more prepared. Researchers have found that people who have sex regularly harbor more antibodies. These additional antibodies help fight diseases and keep the body free of common colds.

4. Cardiovascular protection
In addition to burning calories, having sex also helps the heart. A cardiologist, says that the effort of a sexual relationship is, on average, a trot at 7.5 kilometers per hour.
“During intercourse, as in moderate exercise, there is a temporary increase in heart work and blood pressure,” the cardiologist explains. But, beware, people who have uncontrolled hypertension or coronary heart disease should consult their doctor.

5. Lighter menstruation
Duration of sexual intercourse, the woman’s uterus can contract, and in the process, the compounds that cause colic are eliminated. Contractions can also help to expel blood and tissues more quickly, which makes the menstrual period shorter and lighter.

At this point, sexual relations should be limited to those who are married alone. In this way, it would indeed allow them to get blessed by God. Practice a healthy form of sex today and you would be assured of how happy the two of you would be.

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