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5 foods that can poison and even kill your cat

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5 foods that can poison and even kill your cat
Only those who have a pet will know how much love exists between owners and their pets. So it seems obvious to say that fathers and mothers of pets always want the best for their dogs and cats.

Even then, unknowingly, you may be putting your pet’s health and life at risk by offering some foods that are not tolerated by the body of these animals.

In the case of cats, specifically, a number of substances are considered harmful to their well-being and, for that reason, it is crucial to keep them well away from the pussies’ diet.

Know the following 5 foods that can poison and even kill your cat and immediately eliminate them from your pet’s diet.

1 – Meat with fat
Although meat is part of the diet of home-grown cats, those with trace amounts of fat can be highly harmful to the health of these animals.

This is because fat affects the pancreas of cats, causing inflammation and paralysis, which can be fatal if treatment is not quick and effective.

2 – Coffee
Coffee is a powerful stimulant and can overwhelm the animal’s heart rate and can even kill your cat.

By accelerating the animal’s beating, coffee can cause heart palpitations and attacks on pets.

So keep your pet well away from your cup of coffee.

3 – Canned tuna
Tuna is the basic ingredient in the diet of cats. However, when canned and canned, it can cause negative effects on the health of the pet.

Canned tuna contains doses of horse sodium that are not supported by the body of the pussy and damage the liver, opening space for the onset of heart disease.

If you want to feed your cat with tuna, opt for specific rations with this flavor.

4 – Garlic and Onion
Harmless in food and indispensable in the kitchen, garlic and onions can provoke serious reactions if ingested by your pet kitten.

With sulfur in the composition, these seasonings can destroy the red blood cells of your cat, triggering bouts of nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, anemia and, in extreme cases, death.

5 – Milk and Derivatives Can Kill Your Cat
While it is common sense that cats can drink milk, this does not necessarily correspond to the truth.

This is because the vast majority of cats are lactose intolerant and their milk intake can therefore damage their digestive system, causing diarrhea and dehydration.

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