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5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

by Family Center

5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate
Do you refrigerate everything in the home? Then you may really be harming yourself. What should you not refrigerate?

1. Eggs
This is one food that should be kept not at the door of the fridge, but inside the fridge because of change in temperature. Yes, they need a cold environment, but a constant temperature. That is why it is best to keep in an airy place.

2. Tomatoes
Tomatoes will definitely lose their flavor and get all grainy in the low temperatures of the refrigerator. The cold also stops their ripening process. According to Harold McGee, a famed chef, the refrigerator’s temperature breaks down the membrane inside the tomato and turns it into a gritty texture. Keep these beauties in a bowl on your counter instead.

3. Potatoes
When you keep potatoes in the refrigerator, the low temperatures quickly turn the starch into sugar, or even a potentially dangerous chemical. Instead of the fridge, use a paper bag to prevent rotting. Place them in a dark and cold place at room temperature, or the coolest place you can find.

4. Onions

If you put onions in the fridge, you will risk making everything around them smell and taste like onions. Also, the moisture in the fridge will soften and mold the onion.

You store them outside of the fridge, but not with the potatoes. Putting the two together could cause them to spoil faster, due to the gas these veggies emit.

5. Avocados
This is quite tricky. If you bought them green and hard, leave them outside the fridge until they ripen to however make it soft. If you bought them soft and ripe and want them to last a few days before you eat them, put them in the refrigerator.

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Remember, the cold stops produce’s ripening process.

6. Garlic
Garlic will mold very quickly in the fridge. Just like onions, store the garlic away from the fridge and other produce.

7. Bread
The cold in the refrigerator causes the bread to dry out quickly. The best place to store bread is in the freezer or on the counter.

Just make sure that you get to have the best type of foods in the frisge, and those not good out of it.

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