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5 foods that should NEVER be taken to the microwave

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5 foods that should NEVER be taken to the microwave
Using the microwave has become a habit. Most homes have the appliance and use it to heat water and other beverages, make popcorn, even cook. It also serves to disinfect sponges and other kitchen utensils, heat tissues to remove stains, peel nuts, soften dried makeup, decrystallize honey and etc., etc. and so on.

There are many uses of the device. However, people forget that not all bottles and not all foods are compatible with microwaves . Some care in this regard should be taken into account both as to the integrity of the food and the containers that may contaminate food or damage the microwave.

5 foods that should never be taken to the microwave, even for a short time

1. Eggs in shell
The inner part of the egg heats quickly and expands, as it has nowhere to expand, eggs explode, causing dirt and can be sure that it will be very difficult to clean.

2. Breast milk
Due to its composition, it does not heat evenly, creating spots with high temperature, while others remain cool or warm, which will certainly cause burns in the baby’s mouth. In addition, this heating method can destroy proteins present in milk. It is best to warm up even in a water bath on the stove.

3. Pepper
In addition to the risk of catching fire, because it is a food commonly found dry, the fire causes the pepper to release an irritating substance from the throat and eyes.

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4. Dehydrated or frozen fruit
The thawing of fruits in the microwave converts the sugars present in these foods into carcinogenic substances. In addition, they shrink, wrinkle, damaging their texture. It is best to thaw them in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

Dehydrated fruits such as raisins or other “raisins” can explode or catch fire.

5. Vegetables
Vegetables is one of the foods for which the microwave is contraindicated. When cooked on the stove, broccoli loses about 11% of the nutrients, and in the microwave, they even lose 97%.

The carrot, due to the presence of iron, selenium, and magnesium should not be taken to the microwave. Without the water for cooking, but only with the heat, the minerals present in the carrot turn into metals and cause sparks.

Now that you know the foods that you should not put in your microwave, please do not put them in order to save your family and also your health.

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