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5 Food That Will Save You From Kidney Problem

by Israel Akintunji
6 Causes of kidney disease/failure you must know

What we eat greatly affect our health both positively or in the other way round.

1. Apple
There is a usual say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but who would have thought that might be true? Because apples are packed full of fiber which absorbs toxins, it does its job by taking some of the hard work away from your kidneys.

Apples also reduce inflammation in the body and work wonders for your digestive tract. Get chomping!

2. Garlic.
Your kidneys are susceptible to toxins and inflammation.

Garlic can help fix kidney, it contains allicin which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both can be beneficial for your kidneys and blood pressure.

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3. Olive oil
Olive oil has a whole host of benefits for your body, but it can also be beneficial for the health of your kidneys as well.

Olive oil can lower your cholesterol, relieve pain associated with kidney stones, and work to reduce inflammation too.

Olive oil is readily available and affordable to buy.

4. Lemon Juice
If you want to try something that will not only cleanse your kidneys but stop them from forming kidney stones, then set your sights on the humble lemon! Lemon juice increases your nitrate levels, which stop kidney stones from wanting to form.

5. Ginger
Ginger can help with nausea, pain, motion sickness, a loss of appetite, and even to reduce inflammation.

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