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5 Footballers who slept with their teammate’s wives or girlfriends

by Okechukwu Liberty
5 Footballers who slept with their teammate's wives or girlfriends

5 Footballers who slept with their teammate’s wives or girlfriends

Most footballers are known for their exploits on the field of play while others are known for their scandalous activities and antics outside the pitch of play.

We take a look at the 5 players who were disloyal, shameless and disrespected their teammates at either their club sides or countries.

  1. Courtois vs De Bruyne:

    Kevin and Courtois are two of the biggest stars in their respective positions in the world, but the two players do not get along even while donning the same colours of their national teams.

    5 Footballers who slept with their teammate's wives or girlfriends; Kevin and Thibout

    5 Footballers who slept with their teammate’s wives or girlfriends; Kevin vs Thibout

    The reason behind their feud is that Courtois stole Kevin’s girlfriend back in 2014 – she doesn’t even deny that fact stating that:

    “In the summer of 2012, Kevin told me that he had an affair with my old best friend. I gave him the choice: her or me,” she told Belgian newspaper Sport.

    “I was ready to give him another chance, but our relationship was never the same afterwards.

    “Thibaut gave me in that one night, what I’d sorely missed for three years with Kevin.

    “With Thibaut, I could have good conversations and he also cooked nicely for me. Such a thing Kevin never did. And then suddenly we clicked.”

    The duo have not been on talking terms since that incident. Former Belgium manager Marc Wilmots even asked Kevin if he (Marc) should not give Thibaut a call up for national duties. Kevin’s answer was:

    “Although I still can not believe what Courtois has done, we continue to work together professionally, ” he wrote in his autobiography.

    “The coach asked me if he should leave the team. I do not think I had the right to say that he can not play for the national team anymore because he did something wrong. Of course, he remains a good goalkeeper. So I said he could stay.”

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  2.  Bridge  vs Terry:

How would you feel if your best friend and team captain had an affair with your girlfriend behind your back? Someone who should be a good example to footballers all over the world becomes a figure for betrayal and scandal.

While being the captain of the England team, Terry had an extramarital affair with Vanessa Perroncel, who was Brigde’s wife. The pair even divorced after the events were exposed.

This act had a negative impact on the pair. John lost his England captaincy while Wayne retired from international football altogether.

5 Footballers who slept with their teammate's wives or girlfriends; Bridge refuses to shake Terry's hand

5 Footballers who slept with their teammate’s wives or girlfriends; Bridge refuses to shake Terry’s hand

“The most disappointing aspect of it all,” he admitted years later, “is that I’m probably more famous for not shaking someone’s (Terry) hand than I am for playing football. I get abuse walking down the street. I still don’t think anyone knows the full story.”  Wayne reacted.

Terry responded unapologetically;

“I’ve misbehaved and slept with girls behind her back and that’s not right. She knows about it all now and we’re moving on. I’m not going to cheat on her ever again.”

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3. Maxi Lopez vs Icardi:

We all know the story of the pair and Icardi’s betrayal of their friendship.

Icardi responded to the scandal in 2016 stating;

“Everyone speaks about the Wanda issue without knowing the truth,” he told Fox Sports (via Goal).

“When I started with her, I played alongside Diego Milito, [Javier] Zanetti, [Esteban] Cambiasso, [Walter] Samuel and they all knew the story because I told them.

“I was a friend of the couple, an acquaintance, and it was all very normal. After that, Wanda split up and we kept in contact, and it just happened.

“I fell in love, that’s something you should judge solely on its own merits. But [López] was not my best friend, nothing like that. We were colleagues in Sampdoria, nothing else.”

Icardi having a picnic with the Lopez family before the breakup and betrayal

Icardi having a picnic with the Lopez family before the breakup and betrayal

Lopez backfired to his antics and the way Icardi has been treating his (Lopez) children;

“When I saw the photos of my children wearing Inter and Newell’s shirts, I told them that they would only understand once they became a father,” the ex-Barcelona player told Argentine TV station Telefe (via ITA Sport Press).

“It really p****s me off of seeing my children used. Then several times he hung up the phone while they were talking to me.”

“I have seen my children only twice in the last year: there is an agreement signed with a judge who has never been respected. I’m losing part of their life.

“With her, it’s all a question of money, for my vacation week, for the guys who have to travel. She does not lack money, I lack respect.”

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4. Mesut vs Christian Lell:

The former Arsenal superstar is an all-around fine playmaker but his part in various sex scandals over the years gives him a bad reputation. In 2014, Christian Lell accused Ozil of being romantically involved with his ex-girlfriend. Mesut Ozil and Melanie Rickinger exchanged messages over Whats App.

Lell, who was 30 at that time, stated that his break-up with Rickinger was because of what she and Ozil had been doing were doing behind him.

He told Bild: “Mesut exploited his fame, and muscled in on our relationship. That isn’t OK.”

German newspaper Bild reported that began seeing Lell’s partner Melanie Rickinger while the pair were still together.

Ozil refused to comment on the matter but his long-term girlfriend Many Capristo has reacted to the news by deleting all photos of the World Cup winner from her social media accounts.

Lell allegedly posted text messages which show Ozil flirting with Rickinger.

Lell, who currently plays for Spanish side Levante, has described his now-ex as a “snake” and a “relationship killer”.


5. Paul Terry vs Dale Robert:

I guess some things really do run in the blood. The brothers in crime, it seems the brothers share no sense of loyalty or dignity.

John Terry’s elder brother was accused of sleeping with his then-teammate Dale Robert’s wife during his time at Rushden and Diamonds.

Brothers in arms; The Terry brothers

Brothers in arms; The Terry brothers

The Goalkeeper Dale Roberts committed suicide by hanging himself in December 2010 after the affair was made open, at his home in Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire.

Guess Paul set a bad example for his younger brother, John to follow, and follow, he did.

It was a TERRY-ble mess!!!



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