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5 Footballers who were ruined by their wives and girlfriends

by Okechukwu Liberty
5 Footballers who were ruined by their wives and girlfriends

5 Footballers who were ruined by their wives and girlfriends

There is no doubt that most football players get motivated and inspired by the women in their lives whom they love and cherish, whose words bring them back to life after a bad day at work.

But some wives and girlfriends have been the ruin of certain footballers whose aim to reach the heights of the game is been cut short by internal pressure and bad advice. Here we look at some of these footballing and relate their story to that of Samson and Delilah.

  1. David Beckham: The former United star had an enviable career, even he could not have dreamt of it any better. BUT! there are opinions of what could have been having him not left United the way he did in 2003. He left after a showdown with Ferguson in the dressing where the Scotsman had this to say in his biography book;   “The big problem for me…he fell in love with Victoria. And that changed everything.”
    David and Victoria Beckham

    David and his wife, Victoria Beckham

Ferguson claimed that David failed to become the great footballer he was supposed to be because of his marriage to Victoria. The Scotsman noted that since he(David) started dating Victoria (Ex Spice Girl), he was more concerned with his looks than his footballing.

“He lost the chance to become an absolute top-dog player. He wanted to give it all up for a new career, a new lifestyle, for stardom.” Ferguson stated

In 2007 after David’s move to LA Galaxy in the US, Ferguson had this to say:

“There was no footballing reason for him to go to America,” he says. “He was giving up top-level football. You should never surrender what you’re good at.”

It is safe to say that while David was busy enjoying the fame of a pop star in the US, footballers like Ryan Giggs, Scholes and Ronaldo were getting all the accolades.

2. Mario Icardi: The Argentine is labelled as a traitor for his role in breaking up a former best friend and teammate, Maxi Lopez’s family. It was an epic situation. While Icardi was playing for  Inter Milan, he was having an affair with Maxi’s wife, Wanda, who was Maxi’s wife and mother of his three children. When Maxi knew about the affair, he was furious and immediately cut off from his wife and Mauro. Wanda and the children moved in with Mauro.
Icardi and Wanda

Icardi and his wife, Wanda

This marriage led to an outrage in Argentina which provoked animosity against Icardi in Argentina, putting a target on his back for blatant articles by Argentina media. The incident generated a public hatred towards him and that affected his Argentina career leaving him with just 8 caps for his National Team.

Even the late Diego Maradona, had engaged in bitter exchanges with Icardi on Twitter as a result of his marriage to Wanda. During an April 2014 Serie A match between Sampdoria and Inter, López refused to shake Icardi’s hand, causing the press to dub the game the “Wanda derby”. Two years later, López repeated the story by again refusing to shake Icardi’s hand during a Serie A match against Torino.

Wanda had been known to manage the footballer’s career, even making poor decisions for the player in relations to her selfish desires of living in Paris. Icardi can’t even make PSG’s first eleven, a man of his talents, he should be in Barca or Madrid not in France.


3. Emmanuel Eboue: The former Arsenal and Galatasaray man-made good money from football. He had three children with his Belgian wife, Aurélie, whom he married before joining Arsenal. In December 2017, Eboué told the Sunday Mirror that the divorce from his wife and other bad decisions have made him poor and homeless.
Emmanuel Eboue after his divorce

Emmanuel Eboue after his divorce

In 2011, Eboue was given a year-long ban after failing to pay his ex-agent, Sebastien Boisseau €1 million in debt for his transfer to the Turkish Super.

“The Federation suspended me from any activity, I did not have the right to train with a club for a year. I was training with myself and I was ashamed,” Eboue said.

“I used to train in the morning, but there were people who were training at that time and they came to take a picture.

“I then had to train at night, there was no light, but I could not stay at home.

“When I saw my children, they asked me when I was going back to the field, so when I went out in the morning, I pretended to go to work.”

After the ban was lifted in 2017, Eboue was rocked with a family issue which led to a bitter divorce and loss of assets to his ex-wife Aurelie.

But he disclosed that he is yet to recover from the emotional damage, as he now resorted to taking drugs to battle depression.

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4. Samir Nasri: Samir Nasri, whose girlfriend supported so much that he paid the price for a place in the French National Team in 2014, some months before the start of the World Cup in Brazil.

The Model and actress ANORO Ohtani, lost her temper when she figured out that her boyfriend wasn’t included in the French squad for the tournament, as she wasn’t able to cope with her emotions. She immediately posted a scandalous text on social networks with France and Didier, this Ciampa shitty coach.

Nasri and his girlfriend Ohtani

Nasri and Ohtani

F**k france and f**k deschamps! What a  s**t manager!” she tweeted after the squad was announced.

“In case u didn’t read my tweet properly… I’ll repeat myself….. f**k FRANCE!!!!! And f**k Deschamps!” she added a few minutes later.


5. Andriy Shevchenko: Andriy Shevchenko is a retired Ukrainian footballer who played as a striker for Milan and Chelsea. Andriy was mostly known for his spell at AC Milan. At AC Milan, Andriy showed the world that he is the best striker and went on winning the Scudetto, UEFA Champions League and even won the Ballon d’Or.
Shevchenko and his wife

Shevchenko and his wife, Kristen

He was married to the America Model Kristen Pazik. Kristen wanted their son to grow up in an English-speaking environment which wasn’t possible when staying in Milan. So, Andriy decided to take a move to Chelsea, England. There were high hopes for the Ukrainian on his arrival but things didn’t go as planned as he had a turrid time in West London and had to return to Milan for a second spell.

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“There are no regrets. In life, everything is not perfect. I thought about the good of my family, not my career,” he explained in an interview with Sky.

“It was difficult to leave the team (Chelsea), but I was thinking of my wife and children. My family has remained in London, that was planned and things are going well.”

The player also commented on the differences between English and Italian football.

“I’ve already spoken about this before, I think English football varies slightly. There is more pace, there is less pressure by the fans, but not by the media,” he suggested.



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