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5 Fruits That Fight Bad Breath

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5 Fruits That Fight Bad Breath
Halitosis, better known as bad breath, is one of the problems that affect many people, regardless of sex or age, the discomfort is always the same. Generally, when this happens the person does not feel that he suffers from the problem, but the people who are around him end up realizing, since bad breath is something difficult to be supported and no matter how much affection and affection one has for the person.

The malaise that halitosis causes may keep people away from it, even if this is not the wish of any of the parties involved.

1. Apple
The apple is rich in fiber, antioxidants, water and vitamins, unfortunately, it is not like the camu-camu fruits and acerola in vitamin C, however, it is excellent in cleaning the surface of the teeth. It assists in combating the accumulation of responsible waste to make the bacteria proliferate.

2. Strawberry

Strawberry is a fruit rich in antioxidants, vitamins, especially vitamin C, besides being a very tasty fruit, it leaves the bones stronger, avoids the bad formation of the teeth (leaving them stronger), reduces the stress and gives Resistance to tissues.

3. Lemon
Lemon is among the richest in vitamin C, it helps regulate the gut, raises immunity of the body, increases the body’s defenses, also has fibers and antioxidants. When ingested as juice, it stimulates the production of saliva, as it is antibacterial and astringent, so it eliminates bacteria in the mouth and digestive system.

4. Orange
Orange is a citrus fruit, is among the most consumed, rich in potassium, pectin (soluble fiber that fights the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine) and vitamin C. It is also antioxidant, which contributes greatly in digestion. Its nutritional value changes according to the variety of oranges for each region, however, they are all excellent nutrients in vitamin C.

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5. Cashew
Cashew is a fruit native to Brazil, rich in fatty acids (lowers LDL, bad cholesterol), vitamin C, has 219mg of the vitamin per 100g of fruit. It is 5 times richer than orange in vitamin C, its chestnut has tartaric acid which has strong properties against germs and bacteria. They also help in the relief of dental pain, ulcers and leprosy.

Try using this fruits in order to combat your bad breath.

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