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5 good reasons not to have a bin built into the kitchen cabinet

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5 good reasons not to have a bin built into the kitchen cabinet

5 good reasons not to have a bin built into the kitchen cabinet
Is your kitchen entirely planned, with each piece of furniture occupying a millimetrically determined place? Or do you have an all-modern kitchen with straight lines and light colors?

Maybe your kitchen is more rustic, colonial style. Or, who knows, you decorated your kitchen with retro pieces.

No matter what the style of your kitchen, we have a certainty: in general, the dumps do not contribute to the beauty of the environment and, most likely, you would like to hide it instead of displaying it for visitors.

Thinking about it, many people opt for bins embedded in the closet.

While this is a good aesthetic solution, it does have some disadvantages that need to be considered. Check it:

1. Bad smell
No use: to accumulate food remains in a closed environment for more than a day will end up giving a very unpleasant smell.

This situation worsens when the bin has to be uncovered because of the small space in the compartment, contaminating the entire cabinet.

2. It’s nothing practical
When the trash bin is closed inside a closet, it is not at all practical to have to open the door with your fingers half wet or wet, pull the bin out, open the lid, and finally throw the trash into the bin.

Apart from the lack of practicality, it is very likely that you end up getting dirty by pulling the closet or throwing garbage around the container, giving even more work.

3. It is difficult to find a bin that fits in space
If it’s hard to find a bin that matches your kitchen decor, it’s harder to find one that fits inside the closet.


She’ll need to be small enough to get into the closet – and it’s quite possible that, because of that, she does not hold much, getting full sooner than you’d like.

4. You lose space inside the closet
Although you gain a few square inches of cooking, you lose precious storage space inside the cabinet.

This means that in order to get the bin in place, you may have to leave the pots out because you will end up “loosing” one of the compartments – and the mess will continue to happen.

5. You may forget to take out the trash
“Who is not seen is not remembered,” says the old saying. And that goes for the bin: because it’s out of your sight, you might forget to take out the trash at the right time.

In many condominiums, there is a time limit for the removal of garbage, so that the municipal collection takes everything away as quickly as possible. If you miss the time, you’ll have to wait until the next day.

As you can see, the built-in rubbish bin seems to be the perfect solution for kitchen decor at first glance, but you have to consider that this choice has some drawbacks.

If the budget allows, it is worth considering considering the purchase of a modern and functional trash can, which can be displayed without ruining the whole environment and which combines beauty and practicality.

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