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5 Great Women Mistakes That Completely Disappoint Men

by Family Center

5 Great Women Mistakes That Completely Disappoint Men
In our desire to have this man in our lives, we commit these 5 mistakes that, contrary to what we want to achieve, end up disappointed him FOREVER.

It all begins when we feel we are not getting the attention that, in our view, “we deserve.”

1. Make claims
Whether in a relationship that is starting now or already has a time, one of the mistakes most women make is to start claiming things. For romantic relationships to work, they must be reciprocal, back and forth.

We often feel that we are not getting the attention we deserve, or we talk to a friend that he did or did not do something, and on hearing this he advises us saying that it is not fair and we should claim.

The claims NEVER work in any aspect of life, unless it is a monetary agreement. When we have just met someone, we use all our best qualities in the phase in which we are meeting and falling in love, he responds positively to it, but in the face of the slightest change in his attitude, our insecurity takes over our lives and we REJECT.

This makes us look insecure and desperate. And I assure you that most of us do not have any of these characteristics in any other aspect of life. What started as a fairy tale turns into a horror movie and shows you a picture of us totally out of control.

2. Draw attention
In our desperation to get back to the point of the relationship in which things were well and everything flowed more easily than oxygen through your lungs, we tried to draw attention.

We have already claimed and made demands and it did not work, on the contrary, the only thing we managed to do was to start distancing him. So we start doing what we can to catch your eye.

We text messages “by accident” just to have an excuse to talk to him or to start a conversation. We go to the places he goes to try to see him, we use our mutual friends to help us find an excuse to meet.

“We’ve become boring,” as my grandmother used to say, and things just slip away from our control. That woman holds, shocking, the woman who knows what he has known no longer exists. We become a pile of nerves and insecurities contradicting everything we show initially.

3. Inventing stories
As other things did not work, we have the bright idea of trying to make you jealous. This is the worst idea we can have.

We know that we are failing because we try to do everything to try to get his attention, and mistakenly, we think that if we do the opposite, we will make him crazy for us.

We pretend to be busier with a new friend, or with the gym teacher, we try to make him believe we are dating other men and he’s not the last one in the pack.

Why is this bad? Because our life goes on even when he is no longer in it, and in our desperate attempts to get him back we create the image of an easy woman that if she can not get what she wants at the moment she wants, place.

If the man you like was having doubts about what he felt for you, do not worry, you just sorted out your doubts by showing him that you are not the kind of woman he thought you were, and it no longer makes sense stay with you.

4. Create a different version of ourselves
Everything else did not work, so you recreate yourself pretending to be someone who has nothing to do with your real personality.

You think you know exactly what kind of women this man wants (and he’s convinced he’s not the kind of woman you are). Suddenly you become a fan of the football team he likes, you dress like him, goes where he goes and destroys all the traces left by the woman he thought he knew.

The most important thing you have is yourself, and this version is the best. When you camouflage yourself, the only thing you can do is buy a ticket to the failure of your relationship. If you can fool him, it will only be for a while, one day you will get bored or he will just realize and then things between you will end there.

5. To despair
We are convinced that we have lost the battle and call for complete despair. We send messages with double meaning, on the one hand you say that you do not care and that you just wanted an adventure, and on the other you complain about him not wanting it anymore. In short, the desperation to know that you made a mistake, that maybe if you had had a little more patience, things would have been different, lead to more crazy.

Trust in yourself, in your worth, in the fact that if things have to happen, they will go away without you having to move a finger. Do not let go of who you really are, do not doubt yourself and, above all, have PATIENCE.

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