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5 Habits That Leaves Your Legs Swollen

by Family Center

5 Habits That Leaves Your Legs Swollen
Do you feel swelling in your legs and do not even know where it comes from? It has some subtle habits that increase the fluid retention and poor blood circulation that cause this discomfort.

1. Exaggerate in salt
According to the doctor, the sodium present in cooking salt holds the body water, promoting the retention of liquid. So when you are puffy, do not carry salt and avoid foods that are built-in and industrialized.

2. Staying too long in the same position

Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting or standing working may also suffer from this problem. The ideal is to take small breaks and do small stretches, such as workout exercises.

3. Wear tight clothing
Avoid wearing socks or tight pants, which at the end of the day bothers you and you can not wait to take it off. These parts end up lessening and worsening the swelling.

4. Drinking little water

Drinking water is good for a lot of things, including helping the kidneys to work to remove the liquid that is trapped in the body through the urine. It is misleading to think that drinking water will cause you to retain more fluid, in fact, will help eliminate it.

5. Do not practice physical activities
A light walk, pedaling or practicing sports helps blood circulation and prevents fluid accumulation.

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