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5 habits that are harming your gut

by Family Center

5 habits that are harming your gut
Gases, arrest, gut, malaise are some of the symptoms related to bowel malfunction , plus irritation, moodiness and lack of concentration can also disrupt your day if you are having difficulty evacuating.

Our body needs to eliminate everything that does not fit and for this reason going to the bathroom when you are in the mood to do poop is so important. Often we (women mainly) take the bad habit of ignoring this need for other activities that they think are primordial, ledo mistake!

Adequate food, physical exercise, adequate fluid intake contribute to the proper functioning of the organ, but also must be attentive and respect the will to evacuate. It is not normal for a healthy person to poop only two or three times a week, incidentally, it is abnormal and can have consequences.

Pay attention to some bad habits that you may unconsciously be having and that lead your gut to not work as it should:

1. Little water
You can have a very hectic and busy life, but that does not stop you from wasting a few seconds to drink a few sips of water. Water is crucial for your body to function properly and your gut needs it. A good little bottle of water at your office desk, or even at home, can help you measure the amount of fluid you are ingesting.

2. Low fat
It is okay to choose to have a lighter life, avoiding fries and excess fats, but be careful not to overdo it. The body needs a certain amount of fat to process many vitamins.

3. Spend the day sitting
Our body is full of joints and muscles precisely because we need to move. We were not born to stand still and static. When we sit for a long time, our intestines suffer from a real congestion. Even though working seated strive to lift more of your chair, your problems with gas and bowel trapped thank you.

4. Excess fiber
The consumption of fiber is very indicated for the good functioning of the intestine, but it is necessary to take care to consume water in the same proportion. If you consume too much fiber and little liquid may be aggravating the problem.

5. Shame about going to the bathroom
Women, especially, are the great victims. Using the toilet to poop out of the house is a taboo for many and with this they learn to restrain the will, from there the problem begins.

It can happen days like that, on the other hand, the feces that remain there in the intestine begin to harden and cause great abdominal discomfort. What’s more, your health and well-being or your shame?

Eliminating everything that no longer serves our body is a natural process, everyone needs. Ensure your health and get rid of the troubles of the gut trapped by paying more attention to your habits.

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