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5 Habits That Hurt Your Knees

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5 Habits That Hurt Your Knees
The pains in the knees are quite uncomfortable and can hurt the day to day of those who feel them. They can happen in the course of life and are caused by a variety of reasons ranging from congenital malformation to harmful habits and postures.

The fact is that the knees make our movement much easier and sometimes we do not even realize the great blessing that is when they are healthy and working properly.

It is necessary to observe some bad habits to preserve the health of our knees before it is too late.

1. Squatting
How many times a day do we need to get down to get something that has fallen or is somewhere very low? It is a very common movement that we do without realizing if we are doing it properly for our body.

Squatting when done wrong can damage our spine and knees. It is necessary to work all the joints of the body in search of a squat that does not specifically damage the knee, forcing this part of the body too much.

2. Wrong shoes
Especially in the practice of physical exercises, such as running, the use of suitable footwear contributes much to preserve the knees. Inappropriate, frequently used tennis can damage the health of the knees and cause pain.

3. Sit on your knees

This type of habit can injure the cartilage and cause pain that will only be alleviated with the use of medications.

4. Sit on your feet
The knees tend to get very stretched when we dare to sit on our feet flat on the floor and knees fully bent. If this form of sitting becomes a habit the pains in the knees will come as a consequence of this bad posture.

5. Overweight
When, in addition to the weight of our body we carry excess weight to climb stairs, for example, we are demanding too much of our knees and impairing its proper functioning. You may not feel uncomfortable the first few times, but over time you may feel the lack of care with this region.

Other factors like obesity or even being overweight may contribute to constant pain in the knees. Physical exercises that strengthen the muscles of the knees can greatly help strengthen this region and prevent pain.

However, for this it is necessary that a professional of the area tells you the appropriate exercises. If you feel pain in your knees seek medical help.

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