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5 health problems affecting more women than men

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5 health problems affecting more women than men
Women have a stronger immune system than men, which makes them more protected from inflammation and infection. In addition, they are able to cope better with pain,more than men.

On the other hand, the excess of defenses of the organism causes that autoimmune diseases appear, are those that the immune system attacks the healthy tissues of the body by mistake.

Therefore, it is more common for women to have the following types of diseases:

1. Multiple sclerosis
The disease arises when the immune system attacks the layer that protects nerve cells. As a consequence, the nerve impulses of various parts of the body are diminished or interrupted. That is, there may be motor or sensory difficulties, such as numbness, muscle paralysis or loss of vision. Some treatments help ease the symptoms, but there is still no cure.

2. Lupus
Unlike the multiple sclerosis that attacks nerve cells, in lupus the immune system attacks the skin, joints and other organs. The most common symptoms are very tired, headaches, swelling in the feet, hands and eyes, in addition to excessive hair loss. In more severe cases, it also has muscular, renal and cardiac problems.

3. Depression
This is considered one of the great evils of modernity, already reaches 5% of the world population, according to the WHO. And of this total, two-thirds are women.

There is not only one reason to list the cause of depression, but it is believed that hormonal factors have strong influence as well as psychological and psychosocial.

The main characteristics of depression are: deep sadness, lack of mood, appetite and energy, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, as well as sleep disorders.

4. Migraines
It’s a headache, but nothing ordinary. The pain is described as throbbing, being moderate to strong, accompanied usually by sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting. By being so impacting, it prevents the person from doing his daily tasks. According to the Ministry of Health, this figure reaches 5 to 25% of women, while it occurs in a maximum of 10% of men.

Anyone who has had this picture should avoid certain situations, such as stress and intense exercise, avoiding fatty, spicy and inlaid foods, as well as chocolate and caffeine.

The treatment is done with a neurologist who will indicate some medication or alternative therapy.

5. Rheumatoid arthritis
The disease reaches four women for each man, and is an inflammation of the joints, causing very painful swollen that can even deform the joint and bones, leading to loss of movement at the point reached. The disease is most common from age 60, when joints are more worn.

To lead a healthy life with a balanced diet and practice of physical exercises makes the women have more quality of life and they are able to respond better to the treatment of these diseases.

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