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5 Health Risk Of Complains

by Family Center

5 Health Risk Of Complains
Do you think that your health is not damaged as a result of complains, When an individual complains too much, then he is at risk of having at least one or more of the stated reasons below:

1. Decreases intelligence
Yes, since it affects the neuron functions, it diminishes the cognitive capacity of learning, and it impairs the memory.

2. Causes depression
Health must be global – mens sana in corpore sano, as Juvenal said , therefore, the social difficulty that the complainant comes to experience may become depressive feelings, social isolation and depression. In the elderly, social isolation although involuntary, can increase mortality by 14%.

3. Increases blood pressure
Whoever complains is feeling and increasing the sense of anxiety, stress, anger, rancor and similar feelings that are harmful to the heart. A high dose of stress accelerates the heart rate, increases blood pressure and predisposes you to a heart attack or stroke.

4. Promotes weight gain
Complainants are more exposed to stress and Cortisol overdose in the blood. According to my life’s website, excess cortisol causes loss of muscle mass, weight gain, and even Cushing’s Syndrome seems to be linked to high levels of cortisol in the bloodstream.

5. Causes liver dysfunction
In a study, it was concluded after an unprecedented study that stress, anxiety or depression increase the risk of death from liver disease. It is the first time that scientific research has established relationships between high levels of emotional stress and death caused by liver problems.

From the above mentioned reasons, do you think you want to continue in the agony of worries and pains?

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