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5 Important things to note to avoid missing your flight

by Family Center
5 Important things to note to avoid missing your flight -dailyfamily.ng

Preparing for a flight is tantamount to planning very well. That is, getting your things set before your gate closure time.

The most frustrating moment apart from the turbulence experienced mid-air is the issue of missing one’s flight and often when this happens, a prospective traveller gets tired and partially losses concentration on the business scheduled to hold at the flight destination.

Well, the painful part is not what we are discussing today, as we already told you about things to do when you miss your flight.

But then, today, let’s look at how best to avoid missing your flight.


  1.   Tidy up your luggage two days or a day before your flight date

You are bound to miss your flight if your mind has been stapled on setting up your luggage on your flight date. Be it when you were leaving or during your returning flight. For you not to miss your flight, your pieces of Luggage are best set for travel two days or a day before your flight. It gives you more confidence and gathers more strength for you to leave on the day of your flight.



  1.    Be careful about your meetings


Meetings are best fixed two to three days before your flight date. Fixing your meetings should be well planned and shouldn’t clash into your flight timing. Most business executives are guilty of this as they seem to (play macho man, risking their flight time with meetings) jumble a whole lot of meetings to fit into dates that might not be convenient for them. You might feel that you are smart with your timing, but at times unforeseen contingencies might stray into your way and while waiting to attend to your guest over stay in a meeting.



  1.    Get your Itinerary cleared at least a day before your flight date

More like a meeting too, but quite different in the sense that, most travellers stock their week with too much of activities that they get worn out to catch up with a flight they have paid for. The truth is that when you have overloaded your itinerary for a week, there is the possibility that you might miss your flight as tiredness or being saddled with a lot of engagement can distract you or even weary you to pick up from bed late.

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  1.    Be Careful with your medication

In the first place, you are not meant to administer drugs by your knowledge when you are not a medical practitioner. Some medications can be sleep-inducing while some can get you weary to pick from the bed. For a medication that is sleep-inducing, you might sleep beyond your flight time and that could be a big loss for one that has not carefully examined what he is taking carefully.



  1.    Check-in online

Air travel gets much better or maybe easier when you choose to check in your luggage online. Checking pieces of luggage in online saves you a whole lot, helping you avert queues that may take more of your time. It also saves you the time of having to wait while your luggage is being cross-checked.


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Online check-in comes with some few benefits such as helping you;


  •        Print boarding pass at home (can also wait or reprint at self-service kiosk at the airport)


  •        Select seat assignment(s) before others (if applicable)


  •        Choose to get updates of possible changes to departure times leading up to flight.


For you not to miss your flight, you still need an adequate preparation prior your flight date. When you have all your luggages and items in place, checked your gate closing time, then I can comfortably guarantee you that you are travelling with that flight of your choice and will never miss it.

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