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5 Important things to quit if you must succeed

by Abbey Lily
5 important things to quit if you must succeed

Success will either attract good people that will support your vision or attract the bad ones that would want you to feel bad about what you are doing to succeed. It is important to know what you want and be dogged about going for it and making a success out of it.


You need to stop these five things in order to be successful.


  1. Fear of change

As it is popularly known, change is the only constant thing in life. Until you are ready to change, you are not ready to succeed. There are a lot of limiting beliefs, characters and even friends you might need to change. Don’t let the fear of what might happen to stop you from embracing change.


  1. Putting yourself down

No matter the number of people running the same race with you, never put yourself down thinking you cannot amount to anything in life, especially if some people have gone ahead of you. It could take you more time or an extra effort, you will definitely get there. Everybody has something in them to offer the world.


  1. Living in the past

Living in the regretful things that happened yesterday makes one wallow in self-pity. Embrace today for a better tomorrow and make good plans for your future. Remember, the past is gone, today is here and tomorrow is just some minutes away. Spend each moment wisely


  1. Trying to please people

It is an aberration to think you can please everybody in life. It has never happened and it cannot start with you. You can never please everybody. Some will be okay with you while others will have something negative to say so as to pull you down. Don’t live to please people but rather live to clear your conscience with all men and be fair in relating with everybody


  1. Overthinking

When you overthink, you stretch yourself beyond the limit and the outcome is that you get stressed. This has a resultant effect on your health. Think healthily without injuring your health. Some things in life can never be undone but efforts can be made to do them better next time you have the opportunity to do so.

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