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5 Indispensable Things Couples Must Share In Marriage

by Oba Samuel
5 Indispensable Things Couples Must Share In Marriage

5 Indispensable Things Couples Must Share In Marriage

-By Oba Samuel

Marriage is not an individual game. It is a dual game that involves sharing.

Marriage involves sharing of so many things between couples out of which bonding could be achieved. Having a notion of living a solo life will spell doom on your marriage. Great marriage involves sharing of:

1.Sharing Of Life: Your being  married has enrolled you into  automatic life sharing. Your life is intertwined with your spouse. Marriage is about sharing your entire life with your spouse throughout your lifetime. You have to share your dreams,ambition,goals,challenges and burdens together. You and your spouse are a lifetime team.

2.Sharing Of Accommodation:  If you are one of the privileged few who have a room to yourself while growing up and you go into marriage with that mindset of having a separate room from your spouse, you must know it is not ideal in marriage because real marriage involves sharing of accommodation i.e living in the same house,in the same room and sharing the same bed. Stop committing accommodation, room or bed divorce.

  1. Sharing Of Time: Time is the currency of love. To make your marriage stronger and romantic,create time for your spouse regardless of your busy schedules. Don’t just get busy with your job ,business,career or ministry without having adequate time for your spouse. Share time together to play,talk,relax,pray,plan and go on vacation. Quality time together will help your bonding ,friendship and intimacy in marriage.

4.Sharing Of Opinions: Sharing opinions together as a couple will help avoid so many pitfalls and grant you speed in life.  Don’t think the opinion of your spouse does not count,give him/her a listening hear,share your views together and move forward together.

5.Sharing Of Body: Sharing of body is the highest level of sharing in marriage. As soon as you get married,you are not expected to deprive you spouse your body. Share your body with pleasure,enjoy romantic intimacy and have pleasurable sex with your spouse regularly. Your spouse is the only one you should share your body with.

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