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5 Interesting Ways to Heal Emotional Pain

by Family Center

5 Interesting Ways to Heal Emotional Pain

Have you ever been hurt, especially by someone very close to you? If you have, you know how deep and hurtful emotional pains could go. You know how deep emotional pains eat into the heart. It is horrible, you know.

Let’s assume your partner broke your heart, left you on a lonely road of betrayal and ran away with your best friend. Woah, that was really painful and this left you emotionally handicap. You struggled actually to let go of the horror that such memory triggered in your heart. Sometimes, you even contemplated suicide or perhaps murder. Yet something restricted you from doing such silly things.

Now, here is your salvation, a way out of the past emotional pains.

Well, here are five interesting things that you can take to the emotional bank of your life. They are:

Don’t deny the hurt

Everyone feels hurt. Many just keep the hurt to themselves. You must not live in denial of your hurt. Share your hurt with someone very close to you. Cry, if you have to but don’t ever bottle your hurt. Next time your partner does one of his silly things again, endeavour to tell him/her that they are hurting you.

Own your part

Yes, your close friend may have done something that was really appalling but I implore you to ask yourself whether you have a part in what really happened. Or perhaps, you were expecting too much from the person. Sometimes our expectations of what we “think” should happen, or what we would like to see gets us in the most trouble.

See through the Lens of Compassion

Empathize with your close friend. You may not know the war that they are fighting too. Yes, we have choices, we can go on and become angrier and angrier at what happened or we can try to understand why the person acted that way—were they afraid, were they not feeling very good about themselves? When we know the whole story, we can begin to empathize with them, even if it is just a little.

Forgiveness is a must

Learn forgiveness by forgiving others. It will free you from a lot of inner pains. If you don’t, you will be hurt the more. It will affect your mind, body, and soul. It will sap your energy and consume you.

Handle your trust issues

Alright, the person acted badly, what about their track record? Is this a once in a blue moon occurrence or does it happen a lot? If occasionally, perhaps in time you can trust them again. After all, they are more trustworthy than not. If this happens quite often, well that’s another story.

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