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5 Levels of intimacy in marriage you should know. No. 2 will shock you!

by O. S David

5 Levels of intimacy in marriage you should know. No. 2 will shock you! 


Intimacy is a process, not a point; you have to constantly nurture your love life and relationship with your spouse. So no matter what level you are presently,  it can be better. You can become a better couple as you get closer.

1. Separated Level. They have separated totally and now live in different places. Though not officially divorced they still come together once in a while because of their children.


2. Togetherness Level. (Courtyard Level). Couples are not really fighting at this level but they are not friends. They do things together; most especially if it involves their children’s health, food, etc. Marriages on this level are plastic marriages.

3. O-Y- O (On-your- own) Level. They are still together in the same house, but not in the same room. They know close to nothing about each other and can keep malice for months. They care less about the welfare of their partners because they are full of bitterness, hatred and resentment. Both have records of “evil deeds” of their partners. This kind of marriage produces “Olympic couples” which is full of competition, in-fighting, vengeance and strife. A lot of Christians are on this level, but the only reason they are still together is because they are aware of the church’s stand, the outlook of the society and the impact it will have on their children. Yet, nobody is doing anything to improve their marriage.

4. Fondness Level (Inner Level). This is a step further from the togetherness level. The couple talks freely about anything in the house and they celebrate each other to a large extent. They are friends and are fond of each other, but they are not lovers.

5. Oneness Level. (Sanctuary Level). At this level, couples are not just friends, they are lovers; they are not just familiar with each other, they are families.

They are not just close, they are one. They don’t only join hands, their minds are also joined. They are open, mutual, tender, caring and selfless to each other.

Once issues crop up, they settle disputes and talk intimately. They constantly ensure that nothing comes in between them.

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