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5 Major Areas Wives Wish Their Husbands Appreciate Them

by Oba Samuel
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5 Major Areas Wives Wish Their Husbands Appreciate Them

-By Oba Samuel

The relationship between husbands and wives is a very interesting one. But most times, wives are on the receiving end in the marriage. There are major roles played by the wives in marriage which most husbands don’t appreciate. I hereby present this much-neglected aspect in the lives of women for all men to turn a new leaf. Most husbands don’t see the need to appreciate their wives in the following aspects which really matters to women.

These are:

1.Daily Cooking:

Most men see cooking as their wives’ duty. As a result of this, men most times, don’t appreciate their wives’ effort in making great food for the entire family. Making food available for the children, the husband and even the entire family is a huge task which most men find difficult to do. And instead of appreciating the one who cooks, the men find it easy to complain. Husbands, appreciate the meal that your wives cook for you. Be grateful for the sumptuous meals she cooks 365 days in a year, and trust me, she will love and care for you the more.

2.Keeping the Home Neat & Tidy:

Men love clean and neat homes. They usually get angry with their wives when the house is dirty. Even when she is dying, he still expects her to keep the home neat like an office reception. Despite the pain it takes to make the home, most husbands don’t see the need to appreciate their wives and wives are always pained to the bone because of this. Next time you get back home from the office, tell her she is a great home keeper and you will be amused at how she blossoms with an inner joy.

3.Making the Children Neat:

Ensuring that the Children are neat at all times don’t come cheap to wives but many husbands can call for the head of their wives if any of the children is found dirty. After making the children presentable, most men see it as their wives’ obligation keep the children neat. And quite often, ‘thank you’ becomes a scarce thing on the lips of most men. This act discourages wives. As a husband, you must encourage your wife. After all, the children belong to the man and his wife.


Vision support, financial support and all-round support are great inputs so many wives are making in the lives of their husbands which many husbands take for granted. Having a wife who supports your dreams and vision is not normal, please be grateful to her because a wife’s support is a catalyst to success while her opposition is a graveyard to budding visions and dreams.

5.Bedroom Management-

A man that enjoys regular sex at home will be focused at work and hit top performance than a man that is sexually starved. Stop taking her sexual performance for granted, appreciate her before and after every sexual act.

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