by Akinola Olabode


Singles face numerous challenges in their quest for maturity and achievement. Some of these challenges weigh them down while few shake them to the foundation of their relationship and destiny. This article is written to reveal them and the right thing to do to handle them.

1. Identity: Many times singles face the challenge of having their identity different from their parents and elderly ones. This, in turn, makes them form their own lifestyle different from what their parents are known for, dressing differently, forming a new association and even venturing into a different career which is totally different from their parents’ wishes.

2. Choice of Career: They often face the challenge of choosing a career. This is always an issue because many parents have a career path which they want their children to follow and this always go contrary to the wishes and aspiration of the young ones.

3. Getting a Perfect Match: This is another major area where singles are having a serious challenge. The problem is they are having so many options to pick from in their various circles such as University and other tertiary institution, campus fellowships, Churches and Offices. With this fact, the problem of who to really settle down with in matrimony among all their admirers pose a difficult challenge before them. To choose rightly; marry a genuine child of God, go for somebody with a godly character, one who has a vision.

4. For Females-Fear of Age running out on Them: The Challenge single ladies mostly fear is that age is run out of them once they growing towards age 30 without a suitor. This makes them feel threatened, dejected and under pressure to hook up with any available guy. Note that, it is better to be single than to go into a regrettable marriage and that you are as old as you think.

5. No More Good Guys/Ladies Out There: The modern day saying and believe that there are no more good guys /ladies is another challenge singles battle with. This is causing a lot of sets back in their marital plans because it makes them find it difficult to trust anyone or get committed to a suitor.

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