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5 Major Things That Is Killing Love In Your Marriage

by Akinola Olabode

5 Major Things That Is Killing Love In Your Marriage

Love is a strong bond that binds two different people together in a lifetime relationship. Many couples are experiencing love-lost in their marriages today due to monotony which has taking over their once happy and affectionate union. Thereby make the marriage boring, dry with reduction in playfulness, boredom in the bedroom and solo syndrome. What are the things responsible for killing love in marriage? They are:

1.Daily routine. If you allow your marital life to form a pattern, a routine, then it will get to a stage you will get bored. That is why you need to learn to spice up your marriage. On routine bases, you need to begin to do something that is unusual to each other, like dating each other, playing together, eating out, etc.

2.Irritation. Living together will reveal some “bad” aspects of your spouse to you, which can be irritating. If you focus on this irritation, you will get bored with your marriage. But if you learn to live above them, you will discover that they are not really irritating after all.

3.Family pressure. Demands of parental care for new born babies, extended family, etc can also make family life to be difficult. Pray about your pressure, talk about them, and don’t allow them to control your life.

4. Financial pressure. This can also affect intimacy in marriage. Romance may be difficult when bills are rising and account is in red, but with openness, and trust in God you can also overcome. Never allow money to destroy your marriage.

5. Busyness. Jobs, religious and social commitment can affect love life. We can handle this by taking less responsibility outside the home and learn how to spend the little time you have together judiciously.

By Bisi Adewale

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