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5 Major Ways To Spend Time With Your Wife

by Oba Samuel
5 Major Ways To Spend Time With Your Wife

5 Major Ways To Spend Time With Your Wife

-By Bisi Adewale

Every woman wants their husband’s attention. They all desire that their lover spend quality time with them but most men don’t know this and if they know, they don’t know how.

Every real man makes sure his wife knows she is his top priority and gives her his full attention. Note this, if you don’t give your attention when you are young, she may abandon you for her grandchildren when you are old. Here are 5 major ways to spend time with your wife.

  1. Make Good Use Of The Evening Time

Close work and head home. Husband means ‘house-bound’, so head home and do not stay in the office. The best the office can give you is the payslips. Your wife needs you at home, head home not the nightclub.

  1. Spend Your Holiday Together

Plan your vacation with your wife to fall at the same time. Travel together and spend quality time with each other talking, planning, playing, loving, romancing and making love.

5 Major Ways To Spend Time With Your Wife

  1. Get Casual Leave

Get a one day or two days off from the office just to be together with your wife. Let her know you are doing it for her, she will be very happy.

  1. Have A Family Day

Choose a day weekly for spending time with your wife and children. Because I work on Saturdays and Sundays, I chose Mondays for spending quality time with my wife. Choose a day in the week as your family day and as it is convenient for you.

  1. Undivided Attention

Put that phone down, shut off that video game, close the laptop computer, fold up the newspaper, and turn off the television. If you want your wife to know she’s the most important thing in your life, give her lots of one-on-one time with undivided attention.

When your focus is shifting between her and other distractions, it can make your dear girl feel like she’s playing second fiddle to whatever else you’re doing. Don’t multitask when you should be spending quality time with her. Give her, her own time, the way you normally do before you married her, she is still your girl, create the WIFEY TIME


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