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5 Painful Reasons Why Some Abandon A Relationship

by Family Center

5 Painful Reasons Why Some Abandon A Relationship
Well, out of several reasons do some pick to abandon a relationship. But out of them all, the most painful and sincere are the five listed below.

1. Selfishness
Selfishness is the great evil within homes. It causes quarrels, tragedies, pain and separations.

The selfish husband believes he is always right and tends to think only of himself. Unfortunately, he does not respect and does not care about his wife’s feelings.

2. Immaturity

Unfortunately, there are many unprepared people who commit to marriage, and it is not about age, but maturity to live that law.

The childish husband tends to live by his whims and will not value the sacred covenant of marriage, so that a “gap” is enough for this man to leave his home.

3. Irresponsibility
There is a lot of irresponsible man who thinks that marriage is all about having a woman who has the obligation to offer her sex every day and, when they are not reciprocated, they abandon their wife.

Marriage requires responsibilities that need to be met by both parties, such as the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the family. This is a duty not only for the mother, it is also up to the father to provide this to the home.

4. Cowardice

Many are the cowards who betray their wives, as in the story told up about my friend. There are many of them out there who try to make excuses for such an act of cowardice.

Marriage is for the brave who are willing to make fair sacrifices constantly for the well-being of the family.

5. Insensitivity
There are a very large number of insensitive men who, unfortunately, do not use reason to make healthy choices and use carnal desires to commit the most absurd and cowardly acts against his wife.

Have you ever experienced one or more of the above? Then do send us a comment on how u feel.

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