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5 Parenting Mistakes

by Family Center
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5 Parenting Mistakes
Your yells at you, and you have decided to yell back on the intention that nothing is at stake, and will never happen. Or on the other hand, you have noticed that your kids are going through a lot and you have decided to do anything about it. Ten what is the way forward for you?

1. Leave the kids alone
The day had been rough and yours had not been any much better either. But you are the parents of this kids, and that means that you need to get the best of for them and make them who they are. Just a little more care and attention can do a lot of help than damage. Do not think that you cannot help out or be with them. With a little patience, who knows the good days and moods could become fun in it all.

2. Unrealistic expectations

So your kids have a lot of academic pressure, family responsibilities, and some extra-curricular activity. It has been opined that they may not be able to combine it all in order to b successful in just one field.

So, reduce what the expectations are. Never judge them beyond what they can do or bear. Insist on their having to fit in, in just one specific role.

3. Stages of life
Just as men are in sizes and life in phases, your child also faces a lot of stage that you need to know and understand. When you realize that they do have to face several phases in life, then your view towards them will change.

Developing a personality requires stages. Kids need to try on different roles to see what fits. In the end, it’s the temporary stages that produce permanent personalities.

4. Don’t overly push them
When i was like you, i could remember that i could speak several languages and you cannot even 2 now. Those words may be harsh and demeaning to them. We are running no where and so you should not rush their childhood.

5. Never say No, when we can say yes
This means that we need to know when we can say yes to some things and no to others. When trying to be disciplined, never do that to the extreme thinking you are setting boundaries to help them. You just be sending them off, far away from you.

You just need to know when to react or judge your kids. Never discipline them in way that will show your lack of love for them.

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