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5 phrases that destroy a person with depression

by Family Center

5 phrases that destroy a person with depression
Getting depressed in the marriage is not really a good. Well, i have gone through a lot of research, and now i saw that when couples are depressed, then it will damage a relationship or marriage. What types of phases are bad?

1. Stop wanting to be the center of attention

The person who is depressed does not want to be the center of attention, in fact, she is screaming for help in a silent way that can only be visualized by those who have sensitivity to the pain of others. And usually the next can be a member of your family or your best friend.

Avoid criticism, measure your words, use them mildly and help your family “today,” because you may not have “tomorrows” with that person anymore.

2. You get angry all the time, no one is to blame for your bad mood

When we feel pain every day, it makes us angry, and sometimes this pain is so intense that it causes many tears, especially when this pain is daily weakening the mood and the will to live.

Do not let the person you esteem so much feel like that, if you have to carry it on your lap, do it! Never abandon her, perhaps you are the person who still gives her life. Even if she has given up on herself, do not give up on her.

3. You have to try harder, be strong
According to the ultracurious site, depression tends to affect the mind of the patient, this is perhaps one of the worst diseases, because the depressive person’s brain can not produce necessary substances that produce joy, motivation and happiness, this automatically reflects on the emotional and Physical, because she wants help, but does not know how to ask.

Unfortunately, depression is a cowardly disease that robs people of their vitality, so avoid asking them to be strong, whether you are their strength, stay present and just make them feel protected and loved.

4. No one dies of love

As much as your intention is to make your family member or friend feel better, that sentence will only make the situation worse.

It is true that no one dies of love, but when unrequited, some people become ill and become depressed. They really do need a lot of help. And, we know well, as previously written, that “no one dies of love, but many die of depression.

5. Stop being selfish, you are not the only one who suffers
Although selfishness sometimes becomes a disease, depression has nothing to do with selfish attitudes. She is also an evil, however, she steals the desire to live, joy, enthusiasm. That is, it consumes the person completely, does not allow that person to have purposes in life, does not allow the person to feel the love and warmth of family and friends.

So, please respect this pain, offer comfort instead of criticism and take the person to a specialist, who can medicate it and also guide you about the dangers of depression.

Unfortunately, many family members do not know how to deal with this circumstance and, for lack of guidance, end up losing people who love this cursed disease.

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