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5 Phrases That Every True Christian Needs To know

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5 Phrases That Every True Christian Needs To know
There are things being said out there that let the true Christians pass! Here are 5 well-beaten phrases that need to be demystified urgently:

1. “If God exists and is love, why has he not stopped this tragedy?”
It is a very weak argument, but said too often to attack those who have faith. Well, there are some fundamental things that unbelievers need to keep in mind: God has given us agency, that is, freedom of choice. And every action has a reaction. If I chose to play with fire; I’m soon bound to burn.

In short, every righteous person who dies, regardless of the cause of his death, will be able to live in a very special place in a state of happiness. On the other hand, those who die in iniquity will have to suffer for their bad choices. God is good and merciful, but He is also just. Mercy can not steal justice.

2. “If God is good, why did he create evil?”
I think that’s funny. Because He did not create evil, evil arose spontaneously because of the agency He gave us. Even though He is Father of evil children, God does not cease to be God and ceases to be good. He knew that this would be so, he knew that some of his children would rebel.

But it would not stop his birth for it. He loves us so much that He has provided a way for people to repent and correct their lives. He sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to rescue mankind from a fallen state. He loves us so much He does not compel us to do His will. He teaches, exhorts, guides, inspires, but never forces us to act according to His will.

Another thing, is a parent responsible for the wrong choices of their children? Each one has responsibility for his own actions. God is not guilty of human wickedness.

3. “I would rather believe in science than believe in fables!”
Who says Christians do not believe in science? Who said that science and religion are the opposite of each other? This is man’s work, try to make them rivals. God is the greatest scientist who ever lived. He organized this Earth manipulating the elements that he had at his disposal, and not in a magic pass.

The seven days of creation reported in Genesis, in fact, were seven periods that lasted at least a thousand years each (See 2 Peter 3: 8). I think that period may have been even longer. This time was enough for Him to have organized the elements and expected them to evolve to some extent.

4. “Only the ignorant believe in God!”
This phrase is very biased and untrue. I will not make a list of influential personalities who have given or have made a significant contribution to humanity, including the scientific field, who believe in God. I would not list a hundred names in a few minutes. Moreover, it is not uncommon for influential people to abandon atheism.

One of them was Mark Zuckerberg. Recently, he wished “Merry Christmas” to his followers on his Facebook profile, and one of them questioned, “Are not you an atheist?” He replied, “No. I was raised a Jew and then I went through a period of questioning, but now I believe religion is very important.” Although he is not a Christian, he believes in God. Being our God one, he believes in the same God that Christians believe.

Therefore, only a very limited person is able to associate faith with ignorance.

5. “That’s not biblical!”
Now I am going to speak a phrase spoken by the Christians themselves. In fact, it is one of the most foolish phrases ever said, because it is too arrogant to think that all spiritual truth uttered in this mortal sphere must be inserted in the Bible. Think of all the years that every prophet lived, did all that they said was recorded? And Adam, how long did he live in Eden, how many things did he do and said, led by the Lord, during his several centuries of life? Where are these records?

The Apostle John once said, “There are still many other things which Jesus did, and if each one was written, I charge that not even the whole world could contain the books that were written.” (John 21:25)

Just as the Savior Jesus Christ did things that were not written, He SAID things that were not recorded. Or they were recorded in other books that are not part of the collection of books that make up the Bible.

The Lord invites EVERYONE to come to Him, but many take considerable time to shape their lives according to His teachings, others do not take this invitation so seriously, even if they call themselves Christians.

Therefore, whoever wants to make an assessment of what Christianity really stands for, focus on the author of the work, which is Christ himself. Or at least take into account those who give the best example of what it is to be a Christian.

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